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Canon XC10 Is A 4K Camcorder That Snaps 12MP Stills
If one wanted to film a video, they might go for a dedicated camcorder, and if one wanted to snap photos, they’d probably pick up a proper camera. However who says that you can’t have the best of both worlds, right? Canon has recently announced their latest camcorder in the form of the Canon XC10.This digital camcorder has the ability to record videos in 4K resolution but at the same […]

Canon’s Compact Camera With Large Sensor Possibly Leaked In Photo
Late last year we reported that Canon was working on a premium compact camera with a large sensor, and now thanks to a recent post on Canon Netherlands’ website (via PhotoRumors), it seems that the device could have possibly been revealed, which you can see for yourself in the image above where the alleged device is the one on the left.

Sony Leads The Mirrorless Ranking In Japan, Dethrones Olympus
When it comes to mirrorless cameras, despite the fact that there are so many to choose from at the moment, chances are brands such as Sony and Olympus come to mind. This is because unlike Canon and Nikon’s mirrorless efforts, Sony and Olympus have come up with some truly interesting designs and features.However Olympus has typically led the way in terms of market share in Japan, but according to the […]

Canon's PowerShot SX410 IS & ELPH 350 HS Won't Break The Bank
Our smartphone cameras these days are more than capable of shooting great quality images and videos, although this does come at the expense of battery life and the lack of more dedicated camera controls. If you’re after a dedicated camera but don’t want to spend too much money, Canon has recently announced two new PowerShot cameras that might be worth your attention.Starting with the PowerShot SX410 IS digital camera, this […]


Canon EOS 5DS/5DS R 50.6MP DSLR Camera Launched
We have pointed out before that camera manufacturers love to market how many megapixels their cameras have, and while megapixels do tell a photographer just how big of a photo they can capture, we also mentioned that megapixels don’t necessarily make the image. Image quality is determined by other factors, such as lighting, knowing your camera, taking shots with a steady hand, and etc.However if you are in need for […]

Canon EOS Rebel T6i/T6s Are Official And Affordable
As much as photographers would love to own a piece of high-end gear, unfortunately its pricing makes it out of reach for most of us, however if you want to jump start your photography career by picking up an affordable DSLR, then Canon might have something for you. The other we report on the Canon EOS Rebel 750D/760D and now they have become official.They are known as the Canon EOS […]

Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Announced, Might Not See Release Stateside
A report from a few days ago revealed that Canon could be working on a new mirrorless camera in the form of the Canon EOS M3, the successor to the EOS M2. For those who are hoping that Canon will come back with an even more improved mirrorless camera, you will be pleased to learn that is the case as the Canon EOS M3 is official.Unfortunately it looks like the […]

Canon PowerShot G3 X Prototype To Debut At CP+
Canon’s PowerShot G series of cameras have always been pretty impressive, and last year we were treated to the PowerShot G1 X II and the PowerShot G7 X, and now it looks like Canon has a newer model in play called the PowerShot G3 X as announced by the camera manufacturer. Now the actual camera itself isn’t ready although Canon will be displaying a prototype at CP+ next week.

Canon EOS Rebel 750D/760D Photos And Specs Leaked
If you’re after a DSLR camera and you don’t want to have to sell a kidney just to get one, Canon has their Rebel lineup which is usually aimed at beginners or photographers who want a DSLR but don’t necessarily want to pay for the highest-end model. Word on the street has it that apart from the Canon EOS 5Ds, Canon has some lower-end models in the works.Now thanks to […]

Canon EOS 5Ds, 5Ds R Prices Revealed, Does Not Come Cheap [Rumor]
It has been rumored that Canon could be close to launching a new camera that is part of their 5D lineup in the form of the Canon EOS 5Ds. It was about a week ago that we were treated to alleged leaked image of the camera, and now we’re sure some of you are wondering just how much will this bad boy cost?Given that the camera is part of Canon’s […]

Alleged Canon EOS M3 Photos Leaked, Rumored For 6th Feb Launch
The last time we heard from Canon regarding mirrorless cameras was back in 2013 when the company launched the EOS M2. There were rumors later that its successor would be released in 2014 but obviously that did not happen, so this leaves 2015 as a possible candidate and it looks like our chances are pretty good.Photos of the upcoming Canon EOS M3 have been leaked online giving us a sneak […]

Alleged Canon 5Ds Photos And Specs Leaked
With the Canon 5D MK II being discontinued, Canon launched the 5D MK III, but even then that was almost three years ago which means that it probably wouldn’t come as a complete shock if Canon had a newer 5D camera in the works. In fact thanks to recently leaked specs and an image from Digicame-Info (via Canon Watch), we could be getting our first look at the new Canon […]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 170 IS And PowerShot ELPH 160 Offer High Portability
[CES 2015] Compact digital cameras are supposed to be carried around – which is why there is the word “compact” in there in the first place. Having said that, both the Canon PowerShot ELPH 170 IS and the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 happen to be digital cameras which can be taken with you just about anywhere – and yet it will boast of 12x and 8x Optical Zoom lenses, respectively, […]

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS Packs Quite A Punch
[CES 2015] Never judge a book by its cover – well, when it comes to digital cameras, there are dime a dozen models out there in the market, so one would have to make a wise choice before dropping some serious coin to bring one home. Most of the time, folks are on the lookout for something that can offer them the best bang for their hard earned buck – […]