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Canon’s Connect Station Will Offer Up Wireless Charging
As it stands, most cameras still rely on cables to charge their batteries. Some cameras with removable batteries might even require a separate charger. However recently at the Canon Expo in New York (where Canon also showed off their VR prototype), it seems that future Canon cameras could support wireless charging.The folks at Photography Bay managed to take a look at Canon’s next-gen Connect Station. For those unfamiliar, Canon has […]

Canon Debuts Virtual Reality Prototype Headset
Is virtual reality the next big thing? It must be, after all we’re seeing companies like Facebook paying a ton of money for virtual reality companies such as Oculus. We’re also seeing players from the likes of Sony getting into the game. Even companies that deal with mobile such as HTC and Samsung are also trying their hand.This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that […]

Canon And Their Prototype 120MP Camera
For the time being, it looked as though the megapixel race was over in the world of digital cameras, but Canon might very well reignite it if they continue to come up with advancements such as a 250MP sensor, in addition to a prototype EOS shooter that packs an amazing 120 megapixels, now how about that? Just for comparison’s sake, Canon’s existing range of DSLRs would range anywhere from 20 […]

Canon Has Just Created A Massive 250 Megapixel Sensor
In the past we have pointed out several times that megapixels don’t matter. At least for the most part, especially if you’re just planning on sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram. However megapixels are important if you’re planning on cropping photos or printing out large-sized photos for use on billboards.Now it seems that Canon might have just made a very big statement as the company has officially announced a 250-megapixel […]


Canon EOS M3 Confirmed To Arrive Stateside
Earlier this year, Canon announced their latest mirrorless camera effort in the form of the Canon EOS M3. However at the time of announcement, it was revealed that the camera would not make its way stateside. In a way it wasn’t too surprising as Canon’s mirrorless offerings weren’t as popular.Not to mention its predecessor, the EOS M2, was also not launch stateside, so it did not exactly come as a […]

Canon EOS M3 Rumored To Make Its Way Stateside
Earlier this year Canon announced their latest mirrorless camera in the form of the Canon EOS M3. Previously Canon’s mirrorless efforts could be said to be somewhat half-hearted so safe to say, we were very curious about how the EOS M3 would perform. Unfortunately at the time of announcement, Canon stated that there were no plans to bring it stateside.However according to a report from Canon Rumors, they have heard […]

Canon Has A New Camera That Sees Better In The Dark Than You Do
Shooting a video in low light can be very tricky and frustrating no matter how capable of a camera you’re using, you have to make adequate arrangements for lighting to ensure that the video comes out just the way you like it. Canon wants to rid you of those worries though, it has developed a new camera that sees much better in the dark than you do, it can shoot full […]

Canon PowerShot G3 X Has Been Officially Announced
Yesterday we reported on leaked photos and specs of Canon’s upcoming PowerShot G3 X and it looks like Canon has not wasted anytime in making it official. The company has officially taken the wraps off their latest prosumer compact camera and if you’ve been a fan of Canon’s PowerShot series, then perhaps this is worth taking a look at.The prosumer compact camera scene has been getting a lot of attention […]

Canon PowerShot G3 X Photos And Specs Leaked [Rumor]
When it comes to compact cameras that are aimed more towards the prosumer than the regular crowd, Canon’s PowerShot series has always been somewhat reliable. The company has spawned many PowerShot cameras in the past and earlier this year, we heard rumors that they were planning a new PowerShot in the form of the PowerShot G3 X.Thanks to the folks at Digicame-info (via PhotoRumors), it seems that they have managed […]

Mirrorless Camera Sales In The US Up By 16.5%
When it comes to mirrorless cameras, there are plenty of players in the field. We have mirrorless cameras from the likes of Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Sony, just to name a few, and while all of them make perfectly good cameras in their own right, it would seem that Sony is currently leading the way.This is according to recent numbers put out by the NPD Group in which it […]

Canon EOS 5D MK IV Reportedly Undergoing Testing
The Canon EOS 5D MK III was launched in 2012 meaning that it has been around for 3 years, making it ripe for a potential successor. In fact a report from last year suggested that the camera’s successor could arrive later this year and it looks like things are well on track. According to a report from Canon Rumors, they claim that the Canon EOS 5D MK IV has undergone […]

Some Canon EOS Rebel T6i/T6s Models Have Sensor Issues
The Canon EOS Rebel T6i and T6s are the company’s latest somewhat entry-level cameras that was announced earlier this year and released last month. However as it turns out that there might be some issues with the camera’s sensors so if you have your eye on either camera, perhaps you might want to hold off on purchasing it for now, at least until Canon fixes it.According to a report by […]

Canon EOS C300 Mark II Cinema Camera Will Cost You $20,000
Head up videographers, if you’re particularly serious about your hobby/profession and you’re looking to get your hands on some new gear, you might be interested to learn that Canon has officially announced the Canon EOS C300 Mark II cinema camera. As you can see in the image above, this is a camera designed for videographers and filmmakers in mind.The camera has the ability to shoot at 4K resolution which is […]

Canon XC10 Is A 4K Camcorder That Snaps 12MP Stills
If one wanted to film a video, they might go for a dedicated camcorder, and if one wanted to snap photos, they’d probably pick up a proper camera. However who says that you can’t have the best of both worlds, right? Canon has recently announced their latest camcorder in the form of the Canon XC10.This digital camcorder has the ability to record videos in 4K resolution but at the same […]