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Ubuntu Unity Bites The Dust, Desktop Switching Back To GNOME
It has been six years since Canonical made Unity the default user interface on Ubuntu desktops. It was part of the company’s vision to expand Ubuntu to devices like smartphones and tablets as well. Even though it did try, things didn’t work out as the company might have hoped. Canonical today announced that it’s giving up on Unity which means there’s not going to be an official Ubuntu shell for […]

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition Finally Goes On Sale
It has been over two months since pre-orders for the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition went live so naturally customers were anxious to know when Canonical will provide more information about this handset, and it has come out with some new information today. The “most powerful Ubuntu phone” is now available for purchase, it can be ordered online by anyone and everyone who didn’t place a pre-order for the device […]

BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Available For Pre-Order
What makes the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition so special? For starters, this happens to be the world’s first Ubuntu tablet, and it is now available for pre-orders to the masses, as it brings together not only PCs but also mobile devices to boot. This is the very first convergence device from Canonical, and it has the ability to switch between a desktop and mobile device – pretty much in […]

Canonical Unveils Flexible BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet
It goes without saying that many of the devices we own these days are convergent in nature – and our smartphones would be the best example to cite, taking into consideration the sheer number of tasks in which it is capable of achieving. Well, Canonical has just shown off its multi-talented BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet that actually brings about its Linux convergence vision to reality. In other words, […]


Meizu To Launch Ubuntu Phones By Early Next Year
Ubuntu OS doesn’t really have that much of a presence in the smartphone market even though ROMs have been released for compatible devices like the Nexus 4 but Canonical hopes to change that through partnerships with OEMs that will put Ubuntu OS on smartphones from the get go. Chinese manufacturer Meizu has formed one such partnership with Canonical and it has confirmed that its first Ubuntu powered smartphones are coming in […]

Ubuntu Phones To Be Released By Multiple OEMs This Year
The folks at Canonical are working hard to bring Ubuntu to smartphones. They have already released a beta build of the firmware for supported Android devices, while the company is actively working to bring OEMs on board who will partner up to release Ubuntu OS powered smartphones. Canonical tried getting in on the manufacturing game itself with the crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone, however it wasn’t able to reach its $32 […]

Canonical Ubuntu Tablet Introduced
Canonical has just introduced a spanking new tablet model that will run on its hugely popular Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, where it will target the mid-range and high-end ARM and Intel-based tablet market. Most of the interface will be gesture-based, which is not too far from how the BlackBerry 10 platform relies on the outside edges of the display as well as bezel to initiate user actions.Canonical claims that users […]

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal is out now
This is good timing–as the computing world braces for the wide release of Windows 8 next week, the Linux evangalists at Canonical have released a new version of Ubuntu. The version is numbered 12.10, and in line with Ubuntu’s naming convention, it’s called Quantal Quetzal. For those wondering, yes, a Quetzal is a bird native to Mexico and central America. 

Ubuntu for Android to be shown off at MWC 2012
If you liked the concept of the Motorola Atrix’s docking feature which let you turn the smartphone into a mini-computer when plugged into a dock and an external display, you’re going to be excited at Canonical’s recent announcement. Canonical recently revealed Ubuntu for Android: a solution for bringing the desktop computing functionality to your Android smartphone. How it works is simple: when a device is undocked, it functions just like […]

Ubuntu TV shown off at CES 2012
[CES 2012] While Google TV and Apple TV haven’t really been finding their way into the living room of consumers, there is still room in the market for an alternative smart TV platform. Could Canonical’s Ubuntu TV be the answer? Last year the company revealed its plans to break into the smart TV sector, and at CES this year it demonstrated Ubuntu TV for the very first time.Unlike Linux on […]

Ubuntu on its way to mobile devices
If you think Android, iOS, Windows Phone, MeeGo or even Symbian is not for you – there’s going to be an alternative for you in the future. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux recently mentioned in an interview with ZDNet that it will be announcing its plans to enter the mobile space at the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week in Orlando, Florida.While no specific details about the company’s plans have […]

Ubuntu One Music App Streams Your Music To Android Devices
Seems like even Ubuntu wants to get in on the Android fun as Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has launched Ubuntu One Music for Android, an app that allows the streaming and playback of any MP3 stored in your Ubuntu One account, not just the ones that were purchased through the associated music store. Of course, the downside is that the free Ubuntu One service only offers 2GB of storage, […]