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Case Mate Claims iPhone 5C Is Slated For September 20th Launch
The budget oriented iPhone 5C has been rumored for a long, long time already, and until now, there has been nothing official from Apple to confirm the availability of the iPhone 5C. Well, one thing that Apple has no direct control over would be the numerous third party accessories manufacturers out there who also anticipate the very same iPhone 5C, and these folks would have come up with their very […]

Case-Mate Outs BlackBerry Z10 Cases
BlackBerry has taken the wraps of its BlackBerry 10 devices, namely the Z10 and the Q10. In case you missed them, we did a hand-on of the two devices yesterday. Moving on, Case-Mate has unveiled its latest accessories for the BlackBerry Z10. Case-Mate has three cases for the Z10 – Crafted Woods Collection, Gunmetal with Black Brushed Aluminum, and the Black Signature Flip. First, the Crafted Woods Collection is made from […]

Case-Mate launches iPhone cases made from recycled plastic
You’ve just spent a couple of hundred on your brand new iPhone, instead of plonking down more money on plastic that may or may not be recyclable, how about taking a look at Case-Mate’s new series of iPhone cases made from recyclable plastic? According to the company, these cases are made from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles (i.e. the plastic from soda and water bottles) and according to them, one […]

Case-Mate got your new Kindle Fire covered
You know how Apple iPad sparked off an entire industry of protective cases for the tablet market, just as how their iPod over the years helped plenty of other companies make money? Well, Case-Mate does not want to miss out on the Kindle Fire bandwagon, hence having rolled out a trio of cases in a range of colors, textures and materials. For those who are more practical than others, the […]


iPhone 5 Case Mate appears in AT&T inventory system
The iPhone 5 is on the way alright. We’ve got an official announcement date (October 4th), and tons of rumors and speculations from the past, and you can expect even more details to surface in the coming days. Well earlier today, someone managed to take a snapshot of AT&T’s inventory listing, and lo and behold – a new iPhone 5 clue! Well, not really a big clue – but we […]

Case-Mate's iPhone 5 casing leaked?
When it comes to iPhone 5 case leaks, there are plenty floating about the internet, and generally they’re from obscure companies based in China that you and I probably have never heard of before. Now it looks like Case-Mate, an established and well-known manufacturer of cases for a variety of Apple products, may have accidentally leaked what appears to be an iPhone 5 case.

Realtree Camo iPhone 4 cases
While we’re not sure why you would want a camouflaged iPhone 4 case, perhaps for novelty reasons or perhaps you use your iPhone extensively for nature photography and animals, but whatever your reasons may be, Case-mate has released a slew of camo cases designed for the iPhone 4 specifically.

Case-Mate Colorways for the iPhone 4 lets you rediscover colors
Love colors and you own an iPhone 4? You’re going to love Case-Mate’s latest iPhone 4 cases. Called the Colorways iPhone 4 Case, this specially designed iPhone 4 case will give your iPhone a new breath of life if you’re getting bored of your current protective case. The Colorways case is made from three separate see through parts that overlap to create some vivid secondary colors. If you don’t have […]

Case-Mate's $300 Titanium iPhone 4 Case
Not too long ago we found the official Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 cases on sale and we thought that $290 was just too much to pay for an iPhone 4 casing, considering it was almost half the price of a brand new unlocked iPhone 4. Today we found a case that has topped the Louis Vuitton’s price by an additional $10.