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Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System plays CDs and your iPods
While using physical media to listen to music is becoming less and less common these days, there still are a large number of folks with CDs that they aren’t willing to throw away yet. It looks like Onkyo recognizes this issue and has come up with a solution in the form of the Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System. In addition to acting as a dock for your iPhone/iPod, it has […]

Harman Kardon MS 150 speaker system for iOS
There are iOS speaker docks available in the market that usually just focus on connecting the device to the speakers and pumping music out. There are models that feature FM tuners but there are even less that feature CD players, but if you want a speaker system that will not only support docking for your iOS devices but come with a CD player and FM tuner, Harman Kardon’s MS 150 […]

New iPad, iPhone and iPod universal Audio System unveiled by JVC Victor
If you’re thinking that these are just more iPad/iPhone/iPod speaker docks, you would be wrong, because this is actually a CD player as well, that can double as an iPad/iPhone/iPod speaker dock. It was recently unveiled by JVC Victor and it is said to go on sale in Japan towards the end of July or early August, although no price has been mentioned.

Vincent Audio C-60 CD player
With the world moving on to the MP3 format for quite a long time already, it makes us wonder who would want to fork out $4,695 for the Vincent Audio C-60 CD player. Well, this is no ordinary CD player as you can tell by its price tag, since it comes with both vacuum and solid-state output stages. The latter can be changed through a remote control, providing the vacuum […]


Grant Fidelity Impression II CD player
Just in case you’re wondering how expensive CD players can get, check out the $3,200 Impression II from Grant Fidelity. This one was specially developed for serious audiophiles (you can tell by the price tag, can’t you?), the Impression II will feature electronics that were carefully placed in the four corners of the player. The reason behind this placement is to prevent them from interfering with the CD player, which […]

Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player
Kids these days are fortunate enough to have toys that are all battery-powered, and they probably grew up in the midst of AA or D batteries, but rewind the clock by a three decades or so and you’ll still find that there are plentiful toys that come with a pull-string or a spring, and the former clearly influences the design of the $180 Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player. A CD player […]