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ROHM shows off Techno-jewelry at CEATEC 2011
  [CEATEC 2011] While nobody likes wearing unsightly devices to help them keep track of their health, RHOM might have found a way around the problem. At CEATEC 2011, the company showed off its new range of Techno-jewelry – UV and pulse wave sensors designed in the form of accessories that women can wear without ruining their outfits. These specially designed sensors will come in the form of earrings, bracelets, […]

uDraw GameTablet for PS3, Xbox 360 spotted at CEATEC 2011
[CEATEC 2011] While uDraw is already available on the Nintendo Wii, if you fancy your chances with something less violent and far more artistic in terms of games on a console, perhaps knowing that there will be a uDraw for the Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 might stoke your interest? What you see above is the uDraw GameTablet for the Xbox 360 which you can tell by the signature colored […]

KDDI Speaker-Less Android Phone [Hands-On]
[CEATEC 2011] We’ve got our hands on KDDI’s speaker-less Android phone, and the test was quite interesting as you can see on the photo. First, let’s talk about the technology: KDDI is using vibrations to transmit sound, which is the same concept that used in bone-conduction audio devices: the vibration is transmitted to the eardrum directly, which converts it into sound – no airwaves involved. This time, this technology is […]

KDDI Shows Next-Generation Tactile Feedback
[CEATEC 2011] KDDI, a Japanese carrier known for its innovative spirit, is demonstrating a new generation of tactile feedback at CEATEC. KDDI’s feedback technology works with a capacitive display and provides a “click” feel which is similar to what can be felt on the Blackberry Storm. However, the Storm was using a primitive “switch” that was clicking at anytime, anywhere on the screen. KDDI’s feedback technology only provides feedback where […]


DoCoMo Tracks Calories With Food Photos
[CEATEC 2011] Japanese carrier DoCoMo is demonstrating a research project that aims at tracking one’s calorie intake by recognizing meals based on photos. As you can imagine, this would be a “low-maintenance” way of tracking that kind of information, as the alternative is to write down (and maybe weigh) meals and individual items. In DoCoMo’s concept, a photo is compared to a database of known meals (currently 1000 Japanese dishes), […]

DoCoMo Real-Time Menu Translator
At CEATEC (Tokyo), DoCoMo was presenting a real-time translator app that is part of an “overseas vacation package” from the Japanese carrier. The goal of the package is to help travelers, and the most interesting application that I have seen is a real-time “menu translation” app that works in real-time: as the user visualizes a menu through the smartphone’s camera, the phone sends a portion of the image to a […]

DoCoMo aims for 10 min battery charge
Earlier at the CEATEC pre-tour show, a rather interesting gadget by NTT DoCoMo was spotted. In essence it’s basically a battery pack for your smartphone, much like Mophie’s Juice Pack and other external battery cases, but the kicker here is that this battery pack supposedly charges full in 10 minutes.