Samsung HD DVR Surveillance System gives you high definition security footage

[CES 2013] Whenever you think of security footage, the first thing that comes it mind is probably grainy, black and white, low resolution video. However, it looks like Samsung wants to change things. At CES 2013, the company announced two new HDTV CCTV systems – the 8-channel SDH-P4040 and 16-channel SDH-P5080. Both systems offer four outdoor-ready, 720p HD night vision bullet cameras (with night vision up to 85 feet) that […]

Sony Walkman W270 Waterproof Audio Player Announced

[CES 2013] The Sony Walkman name is synonymous with portable audio devices, with some audiophiles preferring certain Walkman models over more mainstream options like the iPod, but if you’re not really an audiophile and you’re in the market for a portable media player that you can bring with you on your outdoor activities, Sony might have something for you in the form of the Walkman W270, which Sony is marketing […]

Sony CES 2013 Press Conference Live Blog

Interested in checking out what Sony has to offer consumers for CES 2013? We’ve heard that Sony could be announcing new phones, one of which is a phablet by the name of the Xperia Z amongst other devices. Unfortunately for PlayStation 4 hopefuls, we doubt that CES 2013 will be the platform that Sony will be using to launch the console, but if you’re interested in checking out what Sony […]

New Sony Xperia Z Photos Leaked Ahead Of CES 2013

Sony’s CES 2013 will be starting in a few minutes time and during the event, we expect that Sony will be taking the wraps off several of their new products, one of which is said to be a new Xperia device in the form of the Xperia Z, Sony’s take on the phablet. We’ve seen a leaked press shot of the device in the past, but Chinese blog Digi-Wo managed […]


PowerSkin Introduces New Battery Pack, Battery Cases At CES

[CES 2013] Walking around with your phone without having a backup battery pack, or at least your charger, isn’t considered the best idea these days seeing how much we all depend on our devices for everything. We can play games, chat with our friends and watch streaming video, which all sucks up energy from our phones like you wouldn’t believe. PowerSkin is a company that manufacturers cases that include batteries […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Releasing On Verizon Wireless In Coming Weeks

[CES 2013] After Nokia showed the smartphone world what a dedicated phone manufacturer could do with the Windows 8 platform, a number of other manufacturers like HTC have been jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon. One of the most popular Android-phone manufacturers, Samsung, has announced their throwing their hat into the Windows 8 ring with their first official device to run Microsoft’s mobile platform. Samsung’s ATIV Odyssey, which was leaked a […]

Samsung F8000 LED TV Features Quad-Core Processor, Super-Thin Bezel

[CES 2013] Not in the market for a probably-expensive 55-inch OLED and would rather trust your TV-watching future with a new Samsung LED HDTV? Then look no further as Samsung has just announced its new F8000 LED TV. Samsung’s F8000 LED TV will have a quad-core processor, making it the first for the company and hopefully will make the Smart TV experience a little more responsive. In fact, Samsung is […]

Samsung 55-inch OLED HDTV Releasing This Year With Multi-View Mode

[CES 2013] No matter what your loyalty is to television brands, everyone can agree that Samsung’s TVs have been capitalizing the market for several years now, which is exactly why we made sure we completely cleared our schedules today in order to get first-hand news of what they’re planning for their TVs in 2013. And, as is expected, they didn’t fail to disappoint. One HDTV we’ve been keeping our eye […]

Time Warner Cable Bringing Up To 300 Streaming Channels To Roku

[CES 2013] Roku has been receiving application support from a number of products like Spotify as well as support from hardware manufacturers like Westinghouse, and it looks as though cable companies are starting to take notice of the little media streaming box that could. At CES, Roku and Time Warner Cable struck a deal that would bring content from up to 300 streaming channels to Roku devices at launch. Of course, […]

Samsung WB250F Smart Camera Does Style And Performance In One

[CES 2013] Since we are at CES, you know that Samsung is going to wade knee deep into the world of TVs and another market that they have taken a liking to – digital cameras. This time around, it would be the new flagship Samsung shooter under the WB long-zoom series that will come under scrutiny, with the WB250F leading the way (and the WB200F in tow, of course), where […]

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera

[CES 2013] Samsung has taken the opportunity this CES to refresh their line up of digital cameras just like all of the other hardware manufacturers would, and this time around, they have the Samsung WB800F Smart Camera lead the pack. Basically, this bad boy will come in black, white or red shades sometime in the first quarter of the year, where it will retail for $299.99 a pop just in […]

Samsung Press Conference Live

[CES 2013] How has your day been so far? We did cover our fair share of press conferences today, among them being Huawei, Panasonic, Monster and LG, and now is the time to cramp in with the rest of the world’s journalists to see what kind of magic does South Korean conglomerate Samsung have up their sleeves. Just what kind of new goodies do you expect to be unveiled? Follow […]

Huawei Ascend D2 Touted As Most Powerful Smartphone Currently Available

[CES 2013] If you ask most people what the most powerful smartphone on the market right now, people who know technology well will probably hesitate and think for a few days, conduct experiments and maybe give you an answer within a year. But after today, people will know the Huawei Ascend D2 is the most powerful smartphone currently available. At CES today, Huawei launched its flagship smartphone, the Ascend D2, […]

Bem Mobile Speaker

[CES 2013] They say that good things come in small packages, and assuming that the Bem Mobile Speaker lives up to all that it is supposed to be, one would agree with the prior statement. It is said that the Bem Mobile Speaker packs far more punch than it looks, especially in this day and age where plenty of emphasis is placed on the external design of a device. Well, […]