[CES 2013] To see a company like Targus move into the world of stylii is encouraging, as this means that Targus wants to expand their business acumen with the introduction of a new device that targets Windows 8-powered devices, which they have called the Targus Touch Pen for Windows 8. Basically, the Targus Touch Pen is said to be the only solution of its kind to transform any Windows 8 notebook into a touchscreen device, without the need to purchase a new laptop in order to enjoy the touch features that Windows 8 touts. Seems to me that this is shaping up to be a retro upgrade for folks who have already made the jump over to the Windows 8 platform, but did not want to fork out a premium for a touchscreen version of the notebook late last year.

The Touch Pen is exclusive to Targus, and comes with patented technology which simulates the finger touch experience. There will be a small receiver which is attached to the side of the laptop display, where it communicates with the Touch Pen to fool your laptop into thinking that it is touchscreen enabled. You can swipe, slide, and harness all of the features found in Windows 8 where Touch functionality is concerned with the Touch Pen. Without a need for software or drivers, all you are required to do with the Touch Pen would be a simple one-time calibration.

Just like Henry Ford’s model T, the Touch Pen will come only in black, accompanied by a sticker price tag of $99.99 a pop.

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