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Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Platform Claims 10X Power-Efficiency
It’s not every day that a large company like Qualcomm’s steps into a new market, and we might look back to this day as an inflection point in the cloud AI arms race.

Amazon Rumored To Be Building A Cloud Infrastructure For The CIA
According to a new report Amazon has made a deal with the CIA to develop a cloud computing infrastructure just for the clandestine agency. The deal is expected to bring in $600 million over 10 years for Amazon. Amazon Web Services will be working with CIA to build this private cloud infrastructure. It will greatly cut costs for the agency as it will effectively handle enormous amounts of data that […]

Samsung cloud computing products revealed
Samsung Electronics has just lifted the veil on their next-generation cloud computing solution products, which are spearheaded by a trio of devices known as the B Series Cloud Base Station, the C Series Cloud Monitor, and the new X Series Cloud Box. These were developed in order to respond to increasing customer demand, and intend to further expand the company’s lineup of virtual desktop solutions. All three cloud computing solutions […]

Cloud computing after death
Now if there is one thing that our great grandparents need not worry about when they died was whether they had any digital data to pass down to their descendants – these days, with so many of us having our lives inter-twined in the computer world, what will happen to our blogs, websites, and digital information when we pass on? To date, laws in the US as well as other […]


What's Next for Cloud Computing? Find Out at Structure 2011.
Ubergizmo community members register now and receive $100 off your ticket and a free report from GigaOM Pro on cloud and infrastructure. Structure will be held in San Francisco, June 22nd & 23rd.This year, we will be looking at the next wave of cloud technology and services. Anyone with a vested interest in cloud computing won’t want to miss this chance to hear about its future from the people who are […]

RIM purchases Tungle, looks set to lay calendar ghost to rest
One of the major gripes of early reviews concerning the BlackBerry PlayBook would be the lack of a dedicated calendar, but it seems that Research In Motion (RIM) has decided to remedy that after picking up the cloud-based, cross-platform, calendar management company known as Tungle. After all, purchasing another company with technology and know-how that you require to further enhance your business prospects is the short cut that many companies […]

OnLive Cloud Gaming Service Does Away With Monthly Fees
OnLive’s cloud gaming service has just become very much more appealing as it has been confirmed that the previous monthly fee will be scrapped and you won’t need to use your credit card unless you decide to purchase a 3-day, 5-day, or Full PlayPass. A promotion was previously available that waived the monthly fee for the first year, but this announcement confirms that they believe the service can continue without […]

Gaikai cloud-based gaming
Gaikai is currently in beta mode, but it is already capable of letting gamers have a go at a wide range of games and software for free, including Eve Online, Mario Kart, World of Warcraft and Photoshop – all you need is a browser as well as Flash support. Hmm, sounds like Quake Live in some aspects, eh? Well, without the need to install any software, we’re guessing that Gaikai […]

Google Acquires DocVerse
Google has stepped up its war against Microsoft Office with the acquisition of DocVerse, a company that offers a rather useful plug-in for Microsoft Office, allowing users of the desktop software to collaborate on Office documents, despite the document being edited in various places at the same time. It’ll be really interesting to see how Google can utilize the tech that it has just acquired to improve Google Docs and […]

Google preparing itself to manage 10 Million Servers
In a recent presentation, a Google Engineer said that Google is getting ready to manage 10 Million servers, as a “cloud computing” future seems to be on the horizon. The sheer number of servers wasn’t the main focus. The more interesting point was that Google wants to have the ability to shift the workload in real-time, possibly depending on energy cost. The idea is to move the workload in areas […]