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OmniVision nets 90% of iPhone 5 8-megapixel camera orders
Heard of OmniVision before? No? Well, you had better start getting used to it since it is the company which has just picked up the tab to produce 90% of the next generation iPhone’s 8-megapixel camera. Their CMOS-based sensor will clearly beat out Sony’s contribution which comprises of the remaining 10%, and this would mean OmniVision will be giving its wafer production line a boost of 40% between spring and […]

OmniVision OV10810 CMOS image sensor shoots 10MP photos
[CES 2011] What makes the OmniVision OV10810 CMOS image sensor sexy? How about its ability to shoot 10-megapixel photos while you’re recording 1080p videos? Yeah, that what we’re talking about, a high megapixel count that is not normally found on most HD video recording devices. The OV10810 (in theory) works brilliantly – imagine you want to freeze frame that particular moment, just tap the screen and it will be done […]

Sony Buys Back CMOS Chip Plant, Hopes to Put Camera Sensors Into More Phones
Sony is looking to acquire back its semiconductor chip plant that it had sold to Toshiba in 2008. The acquisition will be valued at just shy of $600 million, and would help Sony better compete in producing better sensors for camera phones and smartphones with capable cameras. Through the purchase of the plant, Sony is hoping to double its output of CMOS camera sensors–which are used in smartphones–to give the […]

Samsung Introduces Two CMOS Image Sensors With Back Side Illumination
Samsung has come up with two new CMOS sensors, the S5K4E5 and S5K2N1, both of which feature Back Side Illumination (BSI) which allows users to capture better pictures in low light scenarios. The S5K4E5 is targeted at mobile devices while the S5K2N1 is more suitable for digital cameras. Samsung claims that these new sensors are 30 percent more effective in low light scenarios and improves color as well as optical […]


Sony NEX3, NEX5 Cameras: Huge Quality in Tiny Bodies
The Sony NEX3 has leaked (from a Chinese store), and it looks quite exciting. The NEX3 and its sibling the NEX5 come with a relatively small body, but a huge 14 Megapixel APS-C sensor (my Canon 50D has an APS-C sensor, APS-C defines the size) and a replaceable lens mount called “E-Series” mount or “E” (to be confirmed). In any case, this will interest users who are interested in taking […]

Samsung New S5K6A1 and S5K5B3 CMOS High Performance HD Sensors
Samsung Electronics announced its new CMOS image sensors, the 1.3 Megapixel Samsung S5K6A1 and the 2.1 Megapixel Samsung S5K5B3, for use in various devices that require video capture. According to the company, both sensors have been developed with an emphasis on high-performance, high definition at up to 30 fps for internet video (VGA for video conferencing) The new sensors has an enhanced sensitivity, using the 1.75um pixel technology, Samsung brought […]

QuantumFilm: Quantum Dot-Based Image Sensor
[DEMO Spring 2010] Today, InVisage Technologies announced QuantumFilm, touted to be the world’s first commercial quantum dot-based image sensor that delivers 4x higher performance and 2x higher dynamic range than regular sensors for mobile handset cameras. The technology is based on quantum dots, semiconductors with higher light-capture properties: the regular silicon-based image sensors used today for all digital cameras capture on average 25 percent of light, where QuantumFilm captures between […]

Toshiba 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor coming
Toshiba will mass produce a 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor from Q3 next year onwards, where this little chip is manufactured using Toshiba’s 65 nm process on 300 mm wafers, capable of yielding around 500,000 sensors a month when production begins. Features include support for back-side illumination, and it remains to be seen whether cellphones shipping next year will see this 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor in action or not.