Samsung Introduces Two CMOS Image Sensors With Back Side Illumination

Samsung has come up with two new CMOS sensors, the S5K4E5 and S5K2N1, both of which feature Back Side Illumination (BSI) which allows users to capture better pictures in low light scenarios. The S5K4E5 is targeted at mobile devices while the S5K2N1 is more suitable for digital cameras. Samsung claims that these new sensors are 30 percent more effective in low light scenarios and improves color as well as optical performance. The S5K4E5 is a 1.4 micron 5-megapixel image sensor that can capture still images and also videos in full HD resolution at 60fps. The S5K2N1 is a 14.6-megapixel sensor developed on the 90nm process and also supports video recording at full HD resolution at 60fps. The S5K4E5 is slated to enter mass production in Q4 of 2010, while the S5K2N1 will enter mass production in Q1 of 2011

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