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Code That Took Apollo 11 To The Moon Is Now Available Online
The first moon landing was no easy feat. It was an effort that involved a considerable amount of time and resources. The technology wasn’t as advanced in the 1960s as it is today so creating a software guidance system for the Apollo 11 was easier said than done. History will testify that it was done and now you can peruse that bit of history online. The Apollo 11 guidance computer […]

Algorithm Could Save Sailors’ Lives From Rogue Waves
Working with arithmetic can be rather boring for some, as figures and numbers are not the cup of tea for many people. However, it is simple mathematics that helps keep the whole world going and moving without breaking down. It seems that arithmetic again, is here to save the day – this time around it involves an algorithm that could actually save sailors’ lives as it gives out a warning […]

President Obama And The Hour Of Code
Earlier this month, we did talk about how one would be able to stand a chance to actually code one’s way all the way to the White House. Well, here we are with Hour of Code, which saw the world’s most powerful man, President Obama, actually sit down and host a computer science workshop over at his official residence, the White House.

Code Your Way To The White House This Holiday Season
It must be noted that the National Park Service’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is an ancient one – at least by today’s “instant” generation, taking into consideration how this tree lighting ceremony dates back all the way to 1923. However, in a move that will prove to be extremely popular among the connected masses, this year’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony would be on the receiving end of a […]