white-house-lightsIt must be noted that the National Park Service’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is an ancient one – at least by today’s “instant” generation, taking into consideration how this tree lighting ceremony dates back all the way to 1923. However, in a move that will prove to be extremely popular among the connected masses, this year’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony would be on the receiving end of a software update. This is made possible thanks to Google’s Made with Code Holiday Lights project, where just about any person will have the opportunity to animate the trees over at the White House’s President’s Park location.

Programming it is a simple enough affair, where just about anyone is able to participate, courtesy of the Blockly visual language. The whole point of this particular move is to encourage children to play with code, and this would also include girls, since approximately 1% of female students has the aspiration to be programmers once they have completed high school. Coding is a creative affair, so this is one interesting and fun way to get the ball rolling, don’t you think so? You can head on to Made with Code if you would like to get involved. [Press Release]

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