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comiXology Originals Has Been Launched
comiXology used to be one of the premium apps users would turn to when they wanted to purchase digital comics. That has changed somewhat ever since Amazon acquired the company and removed the ability to make in-app purchases, presumably because they did not want to give Apple a cut of their earnings.

Comixology Unlimited Launched, Becomes The Netflix Of Comics
Comixology is an app that many comic fans might be familiar with in which they could browse, buy, and read comics within the app, at least until it was taken over by Amazon who then removed in-app purchases in order to avoid paying Apple their cut. No doubt this move lost them some fans as it ultimately made it more inconvenient to purchase comics.

ComiXology To Retire Windows 8 App
The comiXology app used to be a pretty big one on mobile devices as it allowed users to purchase comics online and read it on their phones or tablets. There was even a Windows 8 version of the app, but as it turns out it looks like Amazon (who acquired the company) has decided to retire the Windows 8 app.According to the company, apparently this decision was made as they […]

comiXology App Takes A Beating In App Store Ratings
It seems that whatever changes Amazon is making to comiXology, its users aren’t pleased as evidenced in the App Store ratings in which users have started to flood the ratings with 1-star. For those unfamiliar, the changes to the comiXology app saw the removal of the in-app purchase feature from the app itself.Instead customers had to now head on over to the comiXology website to set up an account, link […]


Updated comiXology App Not Restoring Past Purchases For Some Users
Just yesterday we reported that comiXology had announced that they had launched a new app that would replace the old one. The new app took away the ability to purchase comics within the app, something which we’re sure Amazon had something to do with since we’re pretty sure they did not relish the thought of giving Apple a 30% cut on in-app purchases.Unfortunately it seems that with this move, there […]

comiXology Introduces New iOS App, Removes In-App Purchases
Bad news iOS users, if you enjoyed reading and purchasing your comics via the comiXology app, you might be interested to learn that in a recent update announced by the company, it seems that they will be retiring the old app and introducing a new one which will basically act exclusively as a comic book reader.This means that if you found it convenient to use the app to download and […]

Amazon Announces Acquisition Of ComiXology
If you love getting your comics digitally instead of heading on over to the comic book store or the book shop, then perhaps comiXology is an app that you’ve heard of and probably used before. For those wondering, comiXology is basically your one-stop-shop when it comes to digital comics. The app has titles from publishers such as Marvel and DC, just to name a few, and also has a ton […]