comixology unlimitedComixology is an app that many comic fans might be familiar with in which they could browse, buy, and read comics within the app, at least until it was taken over by Amazon who then removed in-app purchases in order to avoid paying Apple their cut. No doubt this move lost them some fans as it ultimately made it more inconvenient to purchase comics.

However if there was ever a good time to be reconsidering coming back to Comixology, it would be now as a new service called Comixology Unlimited has been launched. As the name implies, this will allow users unlimited access to comics via a subscription service. Users will pay $5.99 a month and will get access to a variety of comics.

This includes access to indie publishers such as Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Oni Press, Archie Comics, Valiant Entertainment, Fantagraphics Books, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenoscope, Action Lab and Aspen Comics. Speaking to EW, Comixology’s CEO David Steinberger said, “It sounds silly but our mission is to make everyone on the planet a comics fan. That’s really hard to do by just throwing them into the middle of 100,000 comic books.”

However if there is a catch, it would be that Marvel and DC Comics won’t be part of the subscription. Comics from these two publishers will still be available for purchase, but they won’t be part of the $5.99 package, so in reality Comixology Unlimited is more for users who are into indie comics. The service is currently live with a 30-day trial so if you are interested, fire up the Comixology app to check it out.

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