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New Sony Vaio Duo Pushes "Slider Hybrid" Concept Further
At Computex 2013 Sony is refreshing its Vaio Duo hybrid which is a tablet PC that can slide out to become a laptop. The new design improves upon the previous generation in significant ways. First, the overall design is thinner, slicker, better. If Sony wants users to see this as a tablet, it can’t be too thick. Obviously, we are talking about a slate/tablet PC here, not about something like […]

Sony Vaio Pro 11 and Vaio Pro 13 Ultrabooks Aim For Feather Light
Sony has just launched two beautiful Ultrabooks named Vaio Pro 11 and Vaio Pro 13. With this new models, Sony wants to propose “the lightest Ultrabooks” in the world, nothing less. Sony is not holding back on the specifications: the Vaio Pro laptops will feature the 4th generation of Intel Core processors and 1080p displays built with its TRILUMINOS technology which Sony says can reproduce a larger array of colors […]

Dell XPS27 AIO PC With a 27-inch 2560x1440 Display
Dell is releasing fresh PC updates that uses Intel’s 4th Generation Core processors codenamed “Haswell” and one of the most interesting new product is a 27″ all-in-one (AIO) called Dell XPS27. As the title indicates, it has a very nice display which, in addition of the 2560×1440 resolution, also features wide view angles and an extended color gamut. This is quite an improvement from the previous line of product that […]

Gigabyte BRIX Mini PC Prototypes Shown Off
Gigabyte shows off their BRIX mini PC concepts at Computex 2013.


Snapdragon 800 To Power Windows RT 8.1 Devices
Qualcomm and Microsoft have just announced the continuation of their partnership to make sure that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip can power Windows RT 8.1 tablets and computers efficiently. Windows RT is a version of Windows that has been compiled to run on ARM’s architecture which is used in the vast majority of all mobile devices today. We have covered Snapdragon 800 before, and for a quick refresher, it features four […]

Acer Orbe Wireless Storage Hub
The Acer Orbe has just been announced at Computex 2013.

Seagate 5mm HDD To Boost Ultrabook Storage
Seagate has just announced the launch of a new 5mm HDD (hard disk drive) which represents an important height reduction (30%) from the previous 7mm and 9mm versions. Seagate built this to enable ultra-thin computers to reach a storage capacity of 500GB (today) to 650GB (by 2016) at a price point that SSDs (solid state drive) simply won’t allow in the same timeframe.

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Announced
Acer has introduced yet another Ultrabook to their collection at this year's edition of Computex, unveiling the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook.

Acer Aspire Z3 Series All-In-One PC
The Acer Aspire Z3 all in one PC has debuted at Computex 2013.

Acer S7-392 Ultrabook Gets 30% More Battery, Impressive Specs
At Computex 2013, Acer is updating its 13″ S7 Ultrabook with impressive specs across several models. The original S7 Ultrabook was already known for its super-thin design but Acer has decided to up the ante by adding 30% more battery life to an official 7 hours (a feature dear to pretty much all users) and has improved its new laptop across the board: the fans are 20% quieter at maximum […]

Asus Teases New Product Release At Computex 2013
Asus has posted a teaser on their Google+ page regarding new product that will be announced at Computex 2013. Perhaps this is the first of multiple teasers will see before the event.

ASUS Teases Transformer Announcement For Computex
The ASUS Transformer series of Android tablets probably has to be one of the most successful Android tablet lines so far, at least until Amazon and Google came in with their $199 offerings, but if you wanted a powerful tablet with a keyboard dock, ASUS’ Transformer tablet was the way to go. With that being said, we guess it’s about time that the Taiwanese company take the wraps of their […]