sony-vaio-pro-13--01Sony has just launched two beautiful Ultrabooks named Vaio Pro 11 and Vaio Pro 13. With this new models, Sony wants to propose “the lightest Ultrabooks” in the world, nothing less. Sony is not holding back on the specifications: the Vaio Pro laptops will feature the 4th generation of Intel Core processors and 1080p displays built with its TRILUMINOS technology which Sony says can reproduce a larger array of colors than competitors. We are looking forward to reading the technical specifications.


At just 1.92lbs and 2.34lbs the Vaio Pro 11 and 13 are profusely using carbon fiber to reach this light weight while maintaining their structural integrity. One downside of Aluminum designs is that they are heavy, there is no way around it, except carving more metal out. The keyboards on both systems look like they have full-size (backlit) keys, so fast-typing should not be a problem.

Now, the question is what kind of battery life we will be getting with these two laptops. At the moment, this is still somewhat of a mystery, but Sony says that it has flat sheet extended batteries that will extend the autonomy of the Vaio Pro 11 to 14hrs while the Pro 13 would get 13hrs.  I’ll take a wild guess and think that without the extra battery pack, each laptop could get half of that. Even if that was “only” 40%, it would still be pretty decent, so the worst case scenario seems covered either way.


Both Vaio Pro computers are getting two USB 3.0 ports on the right side, along with a full-size HDMI, and a 3.5mm audio connector. The 13″ has enough room to fit an SD card reader, while the 11″ will have to do without that particular feature. One USB port can be used to charge other devices, even when the laptop is turned OFF.

Sony continues its NFC push and these laptops are no exception. Actually all Vaio 2013 models will have NFC support and it should make simple file exchange or Bluetooth pairing nearly frictionless. So far, “pairing” as been the most successful use of NFC since the proximity can act as a rough security barrier for simple things.

Sony says that its new laptops will ship starting on June 9th in black and silver. The pricing is set to $1149+ (11.6″) and $1249+ (13″) – the final price depends on your own options…  By then, we would love to see more technical specs…

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