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HP Elite x3 Price Cut By Microsoft
If you’re looking for a really powerful mobile device that’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and has the ability to provide full PC-like functionality, look no further than the HP Elite x3. This is a really niche device that’s meant for people who want access to their Windows apps and services on the go and wouldn’t mind getting some work done by hooking up the smartphone to an external display […]

Acer Liquid Jade Primo With Continuum Kit Costs $649
Acer unveiled a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone earlier this year the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Not much has been heard about the Acer Liquid Jade Primo ever since it was unveiled, it did get a soft launch in some European markets but didn’t get a proper launch in the United States. Acer appears to have quietly launched it Stateside because the Liquid Jade Primo is now available for purchase […]

HP Elite X3 Is A Windows 10 Mobile Powered Productivity Powerhouse
For the past few months, we’ve been hearing that HP is working on a new Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone. It has been over two years since the company released a smartphone so naturally there was a lot of interest in this device. HP has unveiled the Elite X3 today at Mobile World Congress 2016, it’s a handset with flagship level specifications and happens to be a productivity powerhouse.

Windows 10 Continuum Only Works On Phones With Snapdragon 808 Or 810
Continuum is a pretty interesting feature that Microsoft has developed, the feature enables a Windows 10-powered smartphone to be used as a desktop PC by hooking up with an external display, keyboard and mouse through a dock that’s not exactly cheap. Microsoft did say that not all Windows 10-powered smartphones will support this feature, the official device experience web page reveals that there’s also a hardware limitation, Continuum requires the […]


Microsoft's New Display Dock Transforms Windows 10 Phones Into PCs
Today is a pretty big day for Microsoft as it has unveiled several new products such as the first laptop it has ever built, the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and new Lumia flagship smartphones. The new smartphones come with a feature that allows users to use their Windows 10 Mobile powered smartphones as proper PCs, Microsoft has also launched a new Display Dock today that makes the entire process much […]

Continuum Dock From Microsoft
Windows 10 is a platform where Microsoft intends to use it so that the level of productivity will be able to be improved – and not just on a single device, of course, as we are looking at various other devices as well as form factors and platforms. Where mobile devices are concerned, this has seen the rollout of Continuum, which happens to be a feature that remains exclusive to […]

Froyo for Samsung Continuum leaks
Remember the other Galaxy S phone that was released on Verizon? No not the Fascinate, the other one. The special variant that was released with an extra tiny display under the main screen? In case you haven’t gotten the answer yet – it’s the Continuum we’re talking about. While just when we thought Samsung/Verizon has forgotten about it, a very special update for the phone has managed to leak onto […]

Motorola Droid Pro and Samsung Continuum get priced
Another day, another leak – good thing this isn’t leakage from the government’s coffers, but rather, information which you can leverage to work out your monthly budget to see whether it can make room for either a new Motorola Droid Pro or Samsung Continuum. This Verizon Wireless price list points towards details of both Android-powered smartphones, where the Droid Pro will be up for pre-sale on November 9th, hitting ships […]

Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum could have been spotted, boasts secondary OLED display
Are dual displays the next big thing? It worked for portable consoles where the Nintendo DS is concerned, and when it comes to ebook readers, dual displays aren’t too rare either. What about cellphones? Most of the time, it would mean a clamshell phone design, but we’re talking about what could very well be the Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum today, where it boasts a secondary OLED display located right below the […]