Today is a pretty big day for Microsoft as it has unveiled several new products such as the first laptop it has ever built, the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and new Lumia flagship smartphones. The new smartphones come with a feature that allows users to use their Windows 10 Mobile powered smartphones as proper PCs, Microsoft has also launched a new Display Dock today that makes the entire process much easier.

Microsoft’s Display Dock is essentially a hardware adapter that lets users transform their Windows 10 Mobile smartphone into a desktop Windows PC that features support for Bluetooth enabled keyboard, mouse as well as a larger display.

This peripheral was originally called Continuum dock, that’s the name of the feature in Windows 10 that lets users do this with their smartphones, it features three USB ports which includes a USB Type-C port, a DisplayPort and an HDMI port. It’s even possible to plug in a USB flash drive.

Continuum doesn’t actually run a full install of Windows 10 but it does come pretty close, however users will notice the tweaked taskbar and a signal bar on the top which shows time and battery information.

It certainly won’t be the full PC experience that you can expect from a Surface but Continuum will enable users to run universal Windows 10 applications. The Display Dock works with devices that support this feature, such as the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL.

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