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Fling Tactile Game Controller for the iPad now available in Apple Stores nationwide
Folks who use their iPads to play arcade style games will be glad to know that they now have an extra tool to add to their gaming arsenal. Ten One Design, the creators of the first capacitive touchscreen stylus has just announced the release of the Fling Tactile Game Controller.If you’ve ever felt that the iPad’s touchscreen isn’t good enough to give you the high scores you want in your […]

Genius Wireless LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser now on sale
Folks looking for a keyboard to control their Home Theater PC (HTPC) can do no wrong with Genius‘ latest offering. Called the LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser, this keyboard, remote control and mouse combo works wirelessly to control your Windows Media Center PC system.It features 34 hotkeys you can use to customize to your favorite functions/channels etc, while its remote control can be used to control your TV, DVD player, or […]

Husqvarna Automower controlled by iPhone app
Life is getting easier nowadays. Remember back in the days when you had to walk around pushing the lawnmower under the hot sun just to keep your front yard neat? Boy, times sure have changed. Husqvarna, the creators of the Automower robotic lawnmower have made it even easier to mow your lawn (as if it needed to be any easier). The company has just announced that their robotic lawnmower can […]

Parrot AR Drone now works with Kinect
Want a more fun way to control the Parrot AR Done? Forget the iPhone, how about making use of a Microsoft Kinect instead? The Microsoft Kinect that has been made to perform a million different tasks has recently been utilized to control the Parrot AR Drone quadricopter. While it’s not one of the most practical ways to control the AR Drone (taking it outdoors would be extremely troublesome since you’ll […]


WIN&I replaces your mouse with the Kinect sensor
In one of more useful ways to utilize the Microsoft Kinect gaming sensor, Evoluce, creators of the I-voluce (a motion controlled HD LCD TV) has released the some new software that will allow you to control your Windows 7 computer with hand gestures. All you have to do is install WIN&I on your Windows 7 PC, hook it up with a Kinect, learn the required gestures and you’re good to […]

Samsung QWERTY TV-remote now available in Korea
Remember the Samsung QWERTY TV-remote that was announced about 2 weeks ago? The complicated looking remote with way more buttons than you can shake a stick at? Well, it was slated to arrive in the US next month, but it looks like the folks over in Korea have got it first (no surprise since Samsung is from Korea after all). This means that it should be right on schedule to […]

Samsung announces new QWERTY TV-remote
Now we all know how annoying it is to enter text into a TV with a regular remote. Thankfully recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers release smartphone apps for users to control TVs with their phones. But not everybody has a smartphone in this day and age, and probably don’t see a need for one. Samsung has just released a new TV-remote that could make life easier for […]

ArmKeypad from NEC lets you issue commands by tapping your arm
The folks over at NEC recently unveiled a new method of command input. Called the NEC ArmKeypad, these unique sensors are strapped around your arm and allow you to issue commands by tapping different places on your arm. Designed to replace gesture commands that are sometimes hard to remember, the NEC ArmKeypad can be applied to portable media players – for your to change tracks or adjust the volume while […]

Hobbyist creates giant NES guitar controller
A hobbyist has managed to construct his own “Guitar Hero” controller that resembles a huge NES controller that’s been cut into the guitar shape. Using parts found around the house, wood and the Xbox controller’s rumble pad, he crafted this NES guitar that he plans to use for an upcoming game he’s developing, aptly named, 8-bit hero. The game will be a Guitar Hero style game that features only classic […]

An ostrich leather bound game control – now I’ve seen everything
Want a joystick that is classy while at the same time not oozing with any bling or diamonds? Introducing the Hoon Entertainment System from Neo Legend and Hoon. This arcade-style game controller comes with a joystick and 10 buttons for your gaming needs. Compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, this joypad should be good enough for your arcade style games (though it would be interesting to play […]

Turn your iPhone into an RC toy controller
Steve Jobs pretty much meant using your iPhone for everything when he said “there’s an app for that”. In this case, we’re talking about controlling an RC car with your iPhone. Sure you won’t be able to do it without the help of an additional dongle, from AppToyz, that plugs into your iPhone’s 3.5mm slot (iPhones don’t have infrared support) but once it is in, you just have to download […]

LED Suit Controlled By Your iPhone
Don’t think your suit is flashy enough at the clubs? This DIY LED suit should be good enough to wow the crowd. If the suit isn’t enough to get jaws dropping, perhaps the ability to use an iPhone app to control the LED modules over Wi-Fi will, as you’ll be able to set it to dance randomly or follow certain patterns. An accelerometer and microphone have also been included to […]

Android Smartphone Can Control Robots On Its Own
You’ve certainly seen mobile phones controlling various devices before, with television sets probably one of the more common devices, but what about the phone autonomously controlling its steed by itself? That’s what a duo of web engineers have done. Dubbed the Truckbot, this setup has a HTC G1 attached to the chassis, acting as a brain, controlling the chassis. Thanks to the phone’s built-in compass, it can navigate and turn […]