Samsung QWERTY TV remote

Now we all know how annoying it is to enter text into a TV with a regular remote. Thankfully recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers release smartphone apps for users to control TVs with their phones. But not everybody has a smartphone in this day and age, and probably don’t see a need for one. Samsung has just released a new TV-remote that could make life easier for those people without smartphones but have Samsung Smart TVs. It features a full QWERTY keyboard, and some smart features like automatically disabling the opposite side of the remote when one side is being used. It will be included with every premium Samsung TV model including the LED D9000, D7000 Series, and Plasma D8000 Series. It can also be bought separately for those of you with the LED series D6300 and up. The QWERTY TV Remote will cost $99.99 and will be available starting next month.

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