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How To Convert Video Formats
Videos are the best way to express pretty much anything, however, video format support is limited on most devices and services. You can’t just play an HD camcorder AVCHD video on a standard Smartphone.The good news is, converting video format is actually quite easy and doesn’t take much time either. You can play almost any video on any device you want just by converting it to the required format.Converting video […]

Panasonic thermoelectric tubes efficiently turn waste heat into electricity
Heat energy is one of the most wasted forms of energy sources around, and for many years researchers have been trying to solve this problem. While the technology to convert heat energy into useful energy is there (thermoelectric energy), it is highly inefficient at the moment; with only a fraction of the heat energy being converted into something useful.

Thanko's Cassette Mate makes those old tapes relevant again
Back in your younger days, if you’ve had access to a cassette tape recorder, I’m pretty sure you would have recorded a lot of random conversations, made your own mix tapes, and archived your own ramblings to yourself. Well, it’s time to wipe the dust off those cassettes and listen to those recordings again. Thanko has just released a cassette tape to MP3 converter that makes all those old tapes […]

Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter preserves your memories digitally
If you’ve got a large stack of old photographs that you’d like to convert into digital pictures, scanning them with a conventional scanner is going to take a lot of time. This is where the Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter comes in. Essentially, it is just a digital camera with a tray, and instead of scanning your old photographs, the Converter snaps a picture of the photograph using a […]


Adobe Wallaby: Flash-to-HTML 5 converter
The company has just released Wallaby, an experimental Flash-to-HTML 5 converter. The tool allows users to easily convert their Flash files into HTML 5 – all they have to do is drag and drop the .fla files into the tool and that’s it. Adobe is looking for feedback from developers and designers to see how the HTML 5 code turns out. A smart move for Adobe, since Flash content developers […]

Kanex HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Converter
The Kanex HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Converter basically does as it says – it allows users to hook up virtually any HDMI source device into a 27″ iMac, an LED Cinema Display or virtually any other Apple device which sports an mDP input (which includes sources like a PS3, Xbox 360 or Blu-ray player). HDMI 1.3 and DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort 1.1a are supported, although certain limits do apply, depending on the […]

Atlona DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter
Atlona has rolled out its DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter which will hook up a dual-link DVI input while transferring those signals to the new, compact connector that can be found on more and more high-end displays these days. While Apple themselves do sell an adpater that allows current MacBook owners to work on their existing Apple Cinema Displays, this is one simple device that converts signals the other way […]

DisplayPort To HDMI/DVI Converter
Parade Technologies has revealed their new DisplayPort To HDMI/DVI Converter device known by its model number, PS161. The PS161 will feature an integrated circuit which consists of a full DisplayPort receiver, a full HDMI/DVI transmitter, and an optional HDCP repeater. When in operation within an HDMI-or DVI-enabled digital TV (DTV) or monitor, the PS161 is able to offer a solution for adding a DisplayPort input for computer-to-TV connectivity. You will […]