Thanko Cassette Mate

Back in your younger days, if you’ve had access to a cassette tape recorder, I’m pretty sure you would have recorded a lot of random conversations, made your own mix tapes, and archived your own ramblings to yourself. Well, it’s time to wipe the dust off those cassettes and listen to those recordings again. Thanko has just released a cassette tape to MP3 converter that makes all those old tapes relevant again, just when you thought they were dead thanks to the advent of CDs and MP3s. All you have to do is put your cassette tape into Cassette Mate, hook it up to your PC, and run the software that can convert everything on the tape into MP3, with the option to split them into tracks if you wish. The Cassette Mate has the makings to be a hit, especially with a low price tag of $30. It is available now from Thanko’s website.

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