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Facebook Wants To Use AI To Help Forecast Spread Of The Coronavirus
Unless continuous testing of people is being done, it’s hard to predict where a COVID-19 cluster can popup. This is because of the virus’ incubation time which is said to be around 14 days, meaning that anyone could be walking around for two weeks while being infected without necessarily knowing about it.

A 14-Year Old Girl’s Discovery Could Lead To A Cure For The Coronavirus
Right now the race is on to find a cure or a vaccine for the coronavirus which is currently ravaging the world. However, it seems that help has come in the form of a discovery made by a 14-year old girl from Frisco, Texas by the name of Anika Chebrolu, whose discovery has won her the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge and netting her $25,000 in prize money.

Man In Nevada Gets Infected With The Coronavirus Twice
When it comes to illnesses, in some cases when you catch a virus, your body then builds up the immunity to it, meaning that you catching it the second time is relatively low. However, it doesn’t necessarily seem to be that way with the coronavirus, where it has been revealed that a 25-year old man from Nevada actually managed to catch the coronavirus twice.

Malaysia Equips Train Officers With Temperature Scanning Helmets
As the coronavirus continues to ravage the world, one of the things that we can do is to practice good personal hygiene and social distancing. Business are also encouraged (or required) to take temperatures of visitors to see if anyone is having a fever, which is one of the signs of a person being infected by the virus.


Coronavirus Can Remain On Your Phone’s Screen For Up As Many As 28 Days
Our phone screens are filthy and some studies have found that they might actually be dirtier compared to a toilet seat. In case this wasn’t enough to give you pause and wipe your screen down every chance you get, you might want to take note that according to research done by Australia’s national science agency, the coronavirus can actually last on your phone’s screen for as long as 28 days.

Excel Error Could Have Led To England Under-Reporting Its COVID-19 Cases
If you’re looking to tabulate data, Microsoft Excel is a pretty good piece of software to use. After all, it has been used by many people and corporations over the decades, but while it is good and has its advantages, it does not necessarily make it the best, nor does it mean that it is perfect.

Finland Deploys COVID-19 Sniffer Dogs At The Airport
We’ve all seen how dogs are deployed at checkpoints along the border or at airports to help sniff out drugs and other illegal substances that people should not be bringing into a country, but could sniffer dogs also be used to sniff out diseases in people, like the coronavirus? Apparently so, or that’s what Finnish researchers believe.

Google Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Stats
Everyday, the number of COVID-19 infections changes. Some places might look like they are handling things well, but all it takes is one infected person to infect a cluster of people, which in turn can lead to an even greater cluster and have a negative impact on the number of daily infections.

LG Unveils A Battery-Powered Face Mask With Built-In Fans
Many health officials and governments around the world are encouraging its citizens to wear masks when out in public. This is due to how easily the coronavirus spreads, and until a cure or vaccine can be found, the best way to manage the spread and slow it down would be to wear a mask to protect yourself and the people around you.

Researchers Use AI To Find The Best Mask Against COVID-19
To help prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading even more than it should, many governments and health organizations around the world are recommending that we wear masks. However, there are many types of masks out there, ranging from the more surgical types to homemade cloth ones, but which masks are the best?

This Guy Made A Launcher That Shoots Masks Onto People’s Faces
To help prevent the coronavirus from spreading, it has been recommended that we wear masks when out in public. However, the whole situation with masks has become quite politicized, with some people refusing to wear them. To remedy this, designer Allen Pan decided that he would create something that would essentially “force” masks onto people.

This Inhaler Could Be Used To Kill The Coronavirus
We’re sure many are eagerly looking forward to the day when they can leave their homes and not wear a mask and not worry about getting infected by the coronavirus. That day will come once a vaccine hits the market, but in the meantime, it seems that scientists at the University of California San Francisco have come up with a temporary workaround.

Facebook Warns Users Before They Share COVID-19 Articles
We are learning more about the coronavirus with each passing day, but there is actually still a lot that we do not know. For example, people who have recovered from the virus are still not necessarily back to 100% health, with many still feeling the side effects. Given our lack of knowledge, it can be easy to simply share articles related to the coronavirus that might not necessarily be 100% […]

Students Miss Their Campus So Much They Recreated It In Minecraft
In many countries around the world, schools and educational institutions have yet to reopen as governments are trying to find the best way to go about it due to the coronavirus pandemic. While students are still receiving their education online through online classes, part of the experience is being on campus, hanging out with friends, and so on.