Right now, many governments are encouraging its people to get vaccinated as it is currently the best way to protect ourselves and the people around us from Covid-19. But what happens if you do get Covid-19 even after you’ve been vaccinated? That’s something that Pfizer is looking into with its latest trials.

The pharmaceutical company has announced that they have begun a middle-to-late stage clinical trial for anti-Covid pills. These are pills that are ingested orally for those who have been exposed to the virus. The idea is that it would be similar to other oral drugs like Tamiflu which is eaten by those who have influenza.

It is said to help prevent the disease from progressing to becoming more severe, which is kind of what the vaccine is for as well. According to Pfizer’s chief scientific officer Mikael Dolsten, “We believe that tackling the virus will require effective treatments for people who contract, or have been exposed to, the virus, complementing the impact that vaccines have had.”

Pfizer’s pill is also known as a protease inhibitor which is designed to help prevent the virus from replicating. The company had begun developing it in March 2020 and the current trial will see the involvement of 2,660 adults and will be used to assess the safety and efficacy of the drug.

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