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Google updates Chrome OS beta
Google has recently updated their Chrome OS beta to hit R10 release, and of course, with each new software update, there will be changes made – mostly for the better, although some of the changes are so subtle you won’t even realize they’re there in the first place without having anyone point that out. Among the minor improvements thrown into the mix include a security patch that is related […]

Google gives out laptop for GDC attendees
Google has been feeling generous yet again, and this time round, they have given out free laptops for Game Developers Conference attendees – at least to those who sat through Google’s sessions on Chrome. This is certainly a pleasant surprise, and who would have thought that the blue card attendees received might actually end up being exchanged for such a gift? Of course, these laptops were the Cr-48 (read our […]

Zoho Google Cr-48 notebook giveaway
Zoho and Google have teamed up to help you land a Cr-48 notebook (read our review and see whether you want to participate after that or not), where it will happen via a special promotion which begins from today onwards, lasting for up to a week. This promotion is available in several Zoho apps such as Zoho Writer, Creator, Books and Invoice. Once you have visited one of these apps […]

Google's Cr-48 Chrome notebook now ships with cute stickers
You might remember Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook from our review of it, and if you thought the notebook didn’t do enough to physically look different from the competition, you’ll be happy to hear this latest update. Apparently the notebook now ships with a bunch of stickers that you can decorate it with. Of course, the stickers don’t provide any magical powers to your Chrome notebook, but it does help you […]


OS X and Windows 7 arrive on Google's Cr-48 Chrome notebook
Considering that many units of Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook were handed out to developers out there to test drive the Chrome OS, it was inevitable that this would happen. We’re talking about reports that users have managed to get OS X and Windows 7 installed on the notebook. According to the folks who have done it, OS X seemed to perform a little sluggishly on the notebook, though most of […]

Ubuntu runs on Google Cr-48 laptop
It goes without saying that Google’s Cr-48 laptop has some niggling issues as with many other new devices which experience birth pangs, but that doesn’t mean it is gimped. Some enterprising folks have managed to get Ubuntu running on the Cr-48, which is not surprising at all considering how hacker-friendly this device is. It will require a fair bit of technical knowledge than usual compared to a standard issue Ubuntu […]

Google Hides Puzzle In Video And Rewards Solver With A Chrome Notebook
By now most of you should know that Google always loves to test folks and if you’ve been watching the recent video released by Google that destroys a number of Chrome Cr-48 notebooks, you might have noticed that there was some fancy equation written on the blackboard in one part of the video. The code attracted the attention of Sylvain Zimmer, who together with some other folks, decided to set […]