Google Hides Puzzle In Video And Rewards Solver With A Chrome Notebook

By now most of you should know that Google always loves to test folks and if you’ve been watching the recent video released by Google that destroys a number of Chrome Cr-48 notebooks, you might have noticed that there was some fancy equation written on the blackboard in one part of the video. The code attracted the attention of Sylvain Zimmer, who together with some other folks, decided to set out and solve the equation. After some cryptographic work, they found out that it could be converted into letters and spelt “speed and destroy”. Once that was added to, the company’s URL shortener, he was presented with a screen congratulating for being the first to figure out their MENSA-certified puzzle and promised to send him a Cr-48 notebook as his prize. Not too bad eh? You can check out the video again after the jump in case you want to take a crack at it.

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