CyanogenMod Will Not Have Pre-Loaded Microsoft Apps

CyanogenMod has revealed today that the community version of its ROM will not feature exclusive partner apps such as, Microsoft Office, Google apps and many more. This revelation comes from the non-corporate panel of CyanogenMod, while CyanogenMod OS has other set of plans since it will come pre-loaded with Microsoft products.

CyanogenMod 12S For OnePlus One Pegged For Release In March

If you’re a OnePlus One owner looking forward to getting your hands on Android 5.0 Lollipop, it seems that you won’t have wait much longer. A recent tweet by the company’s CEO revealed that they are planning a release of CyanogenMod 12S in March. He claims that this will be a more stable build that what was previously released. We reported earlier this month that CyanogenMod 12S for the OnePlus […]

Micromax’s Yu-Branded Smartphones Will Be Powered By CyanogenMod

Back in October we revealed that the folks at Cyanogen Inc. had their eyes set on India with a partnership with Micromax. Well it looks like that partnership has yielded its fruits in the form of the Micromax Yu brand of smartphones. These Yu-branded smartphones will only be available online and they will be powered by CyanogenMod. This will follow in the footsteps from other companies such as OnePlus with […]

Cyanogen Inc. Looking For Female Volunteers To Provide Voice Samples

Considering that smartphones are used by both genders, male and female, it is not surprising that voice-activated features must be able to understand both the male and female voice, especially since all our voices have subtle nuances to them in terms of tone and timbre. Well it looks like the folks at Cyanogen Inc. are currently looking for some help in fine tuning the OnePlus One’s custom wake-up command and […]


Cyanogen Inc Unveils New Branding

CyanogenMod started as a custom ROM designed for Android devices that brought about a cleaner looking Android, a viable alternative to phones out there running on custom UIs introduced by their OEMs. As the years passed, CyanogenMod grew and gained more attention and eventually turned themselves into a “serious” business and rebranded themselves as Cyanogen Inc, and recently the company has taken the wraps off their new logo which you […]