brand_reveal_5CyanogenMod started as a custom ROM designed for Android devices that brought about a cleaner looking Android, a viable alternative to phones out there running on custom UIs introduced by their OEMs.

As the years passed, CyanogenMod grew and gained more attention and eventually turned themselves into a “serious” business and rebranded themselves as Cyanogen Inc, and recently the company has taken the wraps off their new logo which you can see in the image above.

brand_reveal_2It has an interesting geometric shape but is there more to it than just a fancy design? Turns it there is. As you can see above, different parts of the logo symbolizes different aspects of CyanogenMod. The inner portion represents customization at its core, the “C” to the left means security, and the shape to the right represents its open source nature.

In fact if you were to step back and think about it, the logo itself does look like a screw, and according to Cyanogen Inc on its blog, “The overall brand invokes the concept of tools and building; the tightening of screws as you put together a project. The screws also signal a project in motion – the settings you are presented – the choices you make in using your phone probably differ from the choice of your nearest neighbor.”

So what happened to the loveable Cid character that is usually present in the boot animations of CyanogenMod? Well according to the team, Cid belongs to the community and lives on through CyanogenMod’s users. So what do you guys think of Cyanogen Inc’s new branding? Are you excited at what the future holds for the company?

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