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Jailbreaker Comex Releases Cydia Alternative Called Substitute
iOS users who jailbreak their devices are probably very familiar with Cydia, which is basically where users go to if they are looking for tweaks or apps that might not necessarily have been approved by Apple. What has allowed these tweaks to work is the Cydia Substrate, a low-level software that lets third-party programmers hook into iOS and do things that Apple probably would not have allowed regular developers.Unfortunately Cydia […]

iFile 2 For iOS 7 Released In Cydia
There are a number of reasons why people choose to jailbreak their devices. Some like the advanced customization options that are otherwise not available on stock iOS firmware. Some jailbreak their devices for the sole reason of installing pirated applications. Then there are people who go down this road so that they’re able to install apps that Apple doesn’t allow in the App Store. iFile is one such popular app […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Evasi0n Unlocks Nearly 7 Million Devices Within Four Days
Regardless of Apple’s attempt to “warn” its iOS users the danger of jailbreaking their devices, it looks as though millions of people flocked to evad3rs’ recently released evasi0n jailbreak software, which finally offered an untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6 devices.According to Cydia’s Jay Freeman, it looks as though close to seven million iOS users installed evasi0n on their devices within four days of the jailbreak software’s release. To be exact, […]

Cydia paid $8 million to developers in 2011
While some might have more pure and noble reasons for jailbreaking an iOS device or rooting an Android one, it’s safe to assume that many people do it for the free apps. By jailbreaking/rooting your device, you will have to ability to downloaded pirated apps instead of having to pay for it, and that’s generally the perception people have when you tell them that you jailbroke or rooted your device, […]


Tethered Jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1? Use Rocky Racoon To Untether It [Jailbreak]
As we previously reported, earlier today, the Absinthe 2.0 untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 was announced. However, if you already have a tethered jailbreak on your device you might want it to be untethered as well. Instead of going through the whole process again, you can apparently just install the Rocky Racoon tweak that is said to turn your tethered jailbreak into an untethered one. Rocky Racoon is a tweak […]

iPad keyboard tweak becomes a reality, now available for download from Cydia
Last week we covered an iPad concept by Daniel Chase Hooper whereby the on-screen keyboard got a little bit more efficient thanks to the use of gestures. This would, in theory, make editing on the iPad faster and simpler. Well the good news is that if such a tweak appealed strongly to you, thanks to the efforts of iOS developer, Kyle Howells, a working version of that tweak dubbed SwipeSelection […]

iOS 86 retro theme now on Cydia
Do you recall that uber cool iOS 86 retro theme that was spotted a day before Valentine’s on our website? Well, that particular iOS theme transformed your iPhone’s user interface into what Apple might have done if black and white touchscreen displays were the norm back in the 1980s. Here is some good news for those of you who have already jailbroken your iPhones – the iOS 86 retro theme […]

Zephyr gives your jailbroken iPhone MeeGo multitasking
Remember the Nokia N9 – the first and last MeeGo phone from Nokia? While the phone was brilliant in its own right, it won’t be officially making its way over to our shores but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience the goodness that MeeGo brings. Renowned iPhone hacker chpwn has released a new tweak for jailbroken iPhone devices that brings the multi-tasking aspect of MeeGo over to iOS.

iPhone 4S has been jailbroken
Heads up iPhone 4S owners, it looks like a jailbreak for your brand new device has been found, about two weeks after the device has gone up on sale in certain parts of the world. This has been confirmed by iClarified with the iPhone Dev-Team posting a video of the jailbreak in action, but before you get too excited, take note that this is only a preliminary jailbreak.

Toyota releases official jailbreak theme for the iPhone
If there’s one thing that Apple or most major companies refuse to embrace, it’s the respect or embracing of the jailbreaking community. While seeing your work hacked opened and then publicly shared with the world isn’t something most companies want to tolerate, there are other companies to decide to take advantage of the situation instead of crying over spilt milk. Toyota is one of them – one of the largest […]

Cydia Planning To Launch Alternative Mac App Store In Weeks
Cydia is already a very popular alternative app store for iOS devices and with Apple’s Mac App Store to arrive soon, Cydia’s creator Jay Freeman has confirmed that he plans to launch an alternative Mac App Store within weeks. The Cydia app store already caters for about 10 percent of all iPhone users, amounting to about 10 million devices. Freeman is pitching the platform for developers who don’t find Apple’s App […]