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Dark Souls And Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Now Playable On Xbox One
Xbox One got the backwards compatibility feature last year, developers who support the feature allow gamers to play those titles that were only released for Xbox 360 on the Xbox One. Dozens of games have received backwards compatibility support in just a few months and today the original Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 have joined that list.

Slashy Souls, A Dark Souls Mobile Spin-Off, Released
Slashy Souls was trademarked by Bandai Namco back in September last year. It didn’t immediately make it clear what this trademark was for. Recently the publisher announced that Slashy Souls is actually an endless runner game for mobile devices that’s inspired by Dark Souls. Slashy Souls has now been released on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Major Nelson Confirms Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility With Xbox One
Dark Souls 3 is just around the corner and fans of this franchise are anxious to start playing the new title. There was a bit of speculation yesterday regarding a bonus for those who pre-order Dark Souls 3. It was said that everybody who pre-orders the game will get a copy of backwards compatible Dark Souls free for Xbox One. Major Nelson has just confirmed this pre-order bonus.

Dark Souls 3 Digital Download Gets You Backwards Compatible Dark Souls
Dark Souls has a very robust fan following and they most certainly can’t wait for the next title to arrive. Fans have been made to wait for a very long time so they will be anxious to get their hands on Dark Soul 3. It turns out that there’s an advantage to purchasing the upcoming title digitally. Those who purchase it from the Xbox Store will get a copy of […]


Dark Souls Comic Series Being Developed
Dark Souls is a very popular and a very dark fantasy game, the entire series is basically about dying multiple times, and fans will be delighted to find out that it’s heading to another medium. It has been confirmed that a Dark Souls comic series is being developed, there’s not much known about the plot so far, but a deep connection with mythology is promised, which is one of the […]

There May Not Be Another Dark Souls Game
It’s quite common in the gaming industry to continue releasing annual iterations of a popular franchise, look no further than Call of Duty, it takes time and effort to build a robust community of players around a title and if it develops into a franchise there’s always the potential of making big money. That’s not quite how Hidetaka Miyazaki is approaching things though, he has floated the possibility that there may […]

Dark Souls Game Beaten With Rock Band Guitar Controller
Some games are easy to complete, while others do carry an albatross around their neck – being more or less impossible to complete, or so it seems, to the ordinary person. It is said that Dark Souls, a role-playing game (RPG) that has a notoriety about it, might have just achieved a brand new level of difficulty. Gamer Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin actually took on the Dark Souls challenge to a […]