Some games are easy to complete, while others do carry an albatross around their neck – being more or less impossible to complete, or so it seems, to the ordinary person. It is said that Dark Souls, a role-playing game (RPG) that has a notoriety about it, might have just achieved a brand new level of difficulty. Gamer Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin actually took on the Dark Souls challenge to a whole new level – as he used not an ordinary video game controller, but a Rock Band guitar controller instead.


How did Gwin managed to achieve this feat? Well, he called it the “Guitar Souls” run, where it was achieved with a custom input mapping for the Rock Band Xbox 360 controller. Gwin said that he has already mapped a slew of the Windows PC game’s inputs to the guitar controller’s various buttons such as the fret buttons, whammy bar, effects switch and “star power” detector.

There are limited control options that made this feat all the more impressive – as character movement was then restricted to forward, backward and right, while camera control happened to be restricted to just panning left, and nowhere else. That meant there is no way one is able to block or use heavy attacks. This “Guitar Souls” run took a wee bit more than 11 hours. What a feat!

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