DARPA’s Sea Shadow stealth ship on sale from $50,000 onwards

If you have always wanted to get your hands on some military technology but do not have the contacts to do so, here is your chance. DARPA has put its stealth ship, the Sea Shadow, up for auction, where the opening price would stand at $50,000. No idea on what the winning bid will be like, but this is a chance for you to own some really cool tech that […]

The U.S military wants YOU, to build a humanoid robot

The military is looking for a humanoid robot, a bipedal machine that can be used in all kinds of terrain and environments up to and including industrial disasters. The military’s research arm DARPA program manager Dr Gill Pratt has announced the new objective at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Industry Day. According to reports, DARPA is planning on funding six hardware teams and twelve software teams to pull off this […]

DARPA wants disposable satellite swarm for troops

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a clarion call for experts to put their brains together in developing a new swarm of satellites which would enable soldiers who are posted overseas to be able to access near-live satellite images of their location. This will definitely be a quantum leap on the battlefield, considering how that is not possible with the current batch of satellites considering they […]

Cheetah robot achieves new land speed record

Cheetahs are supposed to be the fastest running animals on land, especially when it is chasing down its prey, but it cannot sustain such high speeds for extended lengths of time simply because its body will overheat. Having said that, science does take inspiration from nature (the history of flight, the discovery of penicillin…), and here we are with a Cheetah Robot that was commissioned by the Defense Advanced Research […]


AlphaDog outdoor trials begin

The AlphaDog from Boston Dynamics, with the Big Dog as its predecessor when we covered it in the past, is right on schedule with regards to its development. Currently, the AlphaDog is undergoing outdoor trials, where the brains behind this robotic mule wants to see how it performs in the real world that will tax its abilities to the maximum. This quadruped robot is carrying a whole lot of luggage […]

DARPA implants keep stress levels in check

We live in an extremely stressful society these days, as everything needs to be instant, and to deliver less than expected is deemed by some to be a major failure. Well, the Department of Defense’s research agency is looking out for a new kind of body sensors, that when implanted into their soldiers, such sensors are capable of checking out the stress level of that particular person at all times. […]

FastRunner robot does seem inspired by Metal Gear Solid

For those who played Metal Gear Solid from Konami, chances are the robot that you see above, the FastRunner, might spark the memory plug in you as the Metal Gear Mk.II. Well, the robot on the left is very real, thanks to Dr. Russ Tedrake’s team over at MIT who explained the result of the collective efforts of IHMC ( Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition). Kudos to research scientist […]

Dell Streak 5 cleared by Pentagon

Who would have thought that the Dell Streak 5, one of the more unheralded Android-powered slate devices in the market, has been cleared for government use by the Pentagon? Yes sir, we are talking about an already discontinued device, but I guess after taking over a year to prepare the Dell Streak 5, it might be a waste of time to get back to the drawing board to incorporate enhanced […]

DARPA Starship project ready to kick off

DARPA, an arm of the Pentagon, has just rolled out the official solicitation for its “100 Year Starship” project that has the intention of sending human beings to space, letting them enjoy interstellar voyages within this coming century? Of course, what you see above is the Star Destroyer from the Star Wars space opera, and I sure as heck wonder just how a future starship would look like. I would […]

DARPA releases HTV-2 video

Remember the Mach 20 aircraft that underwent testing a couple of weeks ago, only to have lost contact with it after a while? Well, it seems that DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has recorded a video of the HTV-2’s flight before it actually crashed due to safety issues. The whole idea of the HTV-2 when perfected would be to have it strike any part of the globe within […]

Contact lost with Mach 20 aircraft

Deja vu – the unmanned hypersonic glider that could hit speeds of up to Mach 20? Well, it was launched yesterday morning from a rocket, but it seems as though contact was lost shortly after the experimental craft built just for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) started to fly on its own. At press time, there was very little information on just how much of the mission’s goals were […]

Mach 20 aircraft takes to the skies

Superman might be fast, but he is a fictional character – here is DARPA’s very own Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 which is set to take to the skies today, where this experimental vehicle is tipped to hit Mach 20 – which is 20 times the speed of sound. The amazing speed at which it cuts through the airspace means this aircraft is capable of reaching anywhere in the world […]

DARPA XC2V prototype completed

DARPA’s XC2V is a crowd-sourced military vehicle that has just seen its fully functional prototype getting the final touches before it is ready for action. Taking less than 14 weeks to built from ground up via the “FLYPMODE” concept from Local Motors, it shares a common chassis that can perform both combat resupply and medical evacuation missions. Of course, the XC2V is not armed in any way at the moment, […]

US military to make use of special eyewear for calling in airstrikes

Airstrikes are deadly when used effectively and precisely. Calling down airstrikes in a wrong location could result in civilian casualties and even friendly fire. The military has been looking for more accurate and effective ways to call in air weaponry. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have come up with a new solution to the problem: give one guy on the ground the ability to control a drone or […]