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It Looks Like Google’s Daydream VR Experiment Is Over
For a while now, it felt like Google was taking the lead on virtual reality (VR) on mobile with its Daydream platform, where the company attempted to create a unified platform of sorts amidst a bunch of other companies all trying to create their own VR devices. However, it seems that Google’s experiment with Daydream has finally come to an end.

Google Play Movies & TV App For Daydream Bites The Dust
There hasn’t been much talk about Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform. The company didn’t say much about it during this year’s I/O developers’ conference. However, the platform is still here and continues to work, but a change is now being made. Google has quietly made the decision to shut down the Play Movies & TV app for Daydream.

Google Brings Daydream VR Support To All Android Apps
Google continues to take steps to further promote its Daydream virtual reality platform. The company has now announced that it’s adding the ability to open any smartphone Android app on a Daydream VR device. This will allow users to open their favorite apps and games in virtual reality.

Standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo Headset And VR Camera Now Available
The Lenovo Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera were first unveiled back in January this year. The former is a standalone virtual reality headset that’s powered by Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform. The Lenovo Mirage Camera, billed as the first camera built specifically for VR180 and VR capture in mind, is now available for purchase as well.


Lenovo Mirage Camera With Daydream Available For Pre-Order
Following their dabbling in augmented reality with Google’s Project Tango, it seems that virtual reality (VR) is another area that Lenovo is interested in. Earlier this year the company unveiled a couple of VR devices, like the Mirage Solo headset and the Mirage Camera which lets users capture content for VR.

Plex VR On Daydream Launched
Plex has launched a new way to consume your locally-stored media content and that too in virtual reality. It has announced the launch of Plex VR on Google’s Daydream virtual reality headset today. The good news is that the base package doesn’t require a Plex Plass subscription so all users will be able to get a taste of this virtual reality experience.

Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream
Lenovo unveiled its new Mirage Camera at CES 2018, a VR camera that shoots with two lenses with each 180-degree field of view that is compatible with Google’s VR certification Daydream. Shooting VR video with a 180-degree viewing angle is a little easier than creating the traditional 360-degree video for VR that requires stitching. Lucidcam is the most famous pioneer in this new type of video camera for VR – […]

Google Launches New Daydream View VR Headset
At Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launch yesterday, the company also took the wraps off a brand new Daydream View VR headset. This is in line with the rumors that we have been hearing that Google might have a new Daydream View headset in the works, one that we saw thanks to leaked renders.

Chrome Update Lets Daydream Users Browse The Web In VR
Virtual reality (VR) seems like a good place and medium for entertainment, where users can play more immersive games, enjoy videos that make them feel like they’re there, and so on. However if you thought that maybe browsing the web in VR sounds like a good idea, Google has made that dream come true.

Renders Of Google’s New Daydream View Headset Leaked
While Google’s upcoming October 4th event is obviously going to be focused around its new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets (whose renders just got leaked), the event is also said to introduce some updates to other Google products, one of which is the Google Daydream View virtual reality (VR) headset.

Google Slashes Prices Of Pixel Phones Ahead Of The Pixel 2
So we know that Google is working on a new Pixel handset in the form of the Pixel 2, but when exactly the phone will be launched remains to be seen. However it seems that we could be getting closer because according to reports, Google has recently slashed the prices of its Pixel handsets.

Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Daydream VR Support Released
The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are among the few handsets that have support for Google’s nascent Daydream virtual reality platform. When these smartphones were released earlier this year, they did not have support for the platform. Google confirmed at the I/O 2017 conference a few months back that it will release Daydream VR support for these handsets over the summer. Both devices are receiving said update today.

Galaxy S8 Daydream VR Support Included In Latest Verizon Update
Verizon is rolling out a new firmware update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on its network which brings the much-awaited Daydream VR support for these handsets. Daydream is Google’s nascent virtual reality platform. The company has released several apps and even a headset, however, the platform’s reach has been limited given that only a handful of devices have support for it at this point in time.

Google Promises At Least 11 Daydream VR Smartphones By End 2017
Google is interested in virtual reality (VR) technology, so much so that they launched their own VR platform called Daydream. They also tried to tie this in with their smartphones and Android platform by making sure that devices were compatible. However in terms of how many Daydream compatible devices are out there, there aren’t that many to be honest.

Google Wants To Use VR As A Training Platform
Virtual reality (VR) technology might seem like a pretty obvious candidate when it comes to video games and entertainment purposes, but could it be used for more than that? That’s what Google thinks, and at the company’s Daydream Labs, they are testing out the possibility that VR could be used as a training platform to teach skills.

Google Experimenting With New Ad Formats For Virtual Reality
For the most part, a lot of Google’s services and products are free to use which probably explains how they’ve managed to amass so many customers over the years. Granted there are some paid Google services, but unless you’re an enterprise user or a power user, most of the time you can get away with using Google’s free options.

Google’s Daydream Elements Highlights Best VR Practices
With virtual reality (VR) technology being relatively new and slowly gaining momentum, we guess there is still quite a lot of things that developers have yet to figure out, such as what is the best way to design an app for VR and how can it deliver the best experience? The good news for developers is that Google is here to help.

HTC And Lenovo Working On Google's Standalone VR Headsets
It has long been rumored that Google might come out with its own standalone virtual reality headset. A standalone VR headset doesn’t require a smartphone to function. All of the components that it needs to function are integrated within the headset itself. At I/O 2017 today, Google confirmed that it’s working with HTC and Lenovo on standalone VR headsets.

Google To Launch Dedicated VR Headset At I/O 2017
Google’s interest in virtual reality (VR) is pretty well-known, what with the launch of the Google Cardboard headset and the Daydream platform. In fact last year it was rumored that Google could be throwing their hat into the ring with a dedicated VR headset similar to that of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Sony PlayStation VR.

Google I/O 2017: What to Expect
So far every year for the past few years without fail Google has hosted its annual Google I/O event, and this year the company is back with the 2017 version. Just like Microsoft’s BUILD conferences or Apple’s WWDC, Google I/O is mostly about software and services, where Google will introduce new software and potentially launch new services for its customers to check out, and we expect that this year will […]