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Asus offers DDR3 memory in all new entry level netbooks
Asus has long been synonymous with the Eee PC range of netbooks, and this time round the Taiwanese company will be rolling out entry level netbooks that will feature DDR3 RAM as the minimum. It might not sound like much, but at least it shows that Asus is forward looking and will not remain in the past, moving on with the times. In fact, the Eee PC 1001PQ, Eee PC […]

Dell Precision M6500 Notebook Sports 32GB Of DDR3 RAM
Most computer owners out there agree that you can never have too much RAM, but Dell is certainly trying to offer you as much of it as possible, as the company has upgraded its 17-inch Precision M6500 notebook to support up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM, which is achieved using four DIMM slots that pack 8GB modules each. Dell also reminds users that the new M6500 is the first notebook […]

PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 RAM flagship model launched
PQI has rolled out its flagship memory module, the PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 which is touted to be an essential part of your computer if you decide to build one from ground up, putting in nothing but the best components within. It is expected to help unleash the ultimate performance from Intel core i7 (Lynnfield, LGA 1156) processors, and with its TURBO DDR3-2200 frequency, it boasts a theoretical 40% advantage […]

Asus and G.Skill team up for highest overclocked DDR3 memory
Just a question – does the highest overclocked RAM automatically become the fastest? Well, Asus and G.Skill has teamed up to conjure the highest overclocked DDR3 memory in the world, where it hit an amazing 2.5GHz in terms of frequency to offer unprecedented performance for dual-channel DDR3 memory. This was made possible thanks to Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe and P7P55D-E EVO motherboards, where both come with significant overclocking features integrated within […]


Kingston HyperX 2400MHz DDR3 RAM
Kingston claims that their latest HyperX 2400MHz DDR3 RAM is the Usain Bolt of the RAM world, and who are we to dispute that? Timed at 9-11-9-27-2, we forsee that gamers as well as folks who place a high priority on performance will definitely make a beeline for the HyperX when it hits the streets. The RAM itself looks extremely menacing, just take a gander at its fins and you […]

Atom N450 and N470 supports DDR3 RAM
Intel’s Pineview Atom N450 and N470 processors will now support DDR3 RAM when new netbook models are released next year. This doesn’t mean that support for DDR2 RAM will be withdrawn, in fact, it will still be backwards compatible. With DDR3 RAM, users ought to experience a performance boost although it comes at a sacrifice – that of additional power compared to DDR2 RAM. Word also has it that the […]

Kingston 12GB Triple Channel HyperX Memory Kit
Kingston is back to tease all you performance freaks out there with their new 12GB triple channel DDR3 HyperX memory kit that was specially built just for the Intel Core i7 platform. The kit will come with a trio of 4GB RAM modules running at 1600MHz, and have been optimized for XMP. For those who don’t need to go to such extremes, there are always HyperX kits in 3GB and […]