PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 RAM flagship model launched

PQI has rolled out its flagship memory module, the PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 which is touted to be an essential part of your computer if you decide to build one from ground up, putting in nothing but the best components within. It is expected to help unleash the ultimate performance from Intel core i7 (Lynnfield, LGA 1156) processors, and with its TURBO DDR3-2200 frequency, it boasts a theoretical 40% advantage and when operating in dual channel mode to hit a whopping 35GB/Sec bandwidth. Of course, these figures will fluctuate and change in real world usage, but we’re still stoked that it offers a higher level of performance if you’re particular about that. Too bad it would probably fail the bang-for-the-buck test, as that’s normal among high end products. You can pick from 1GB and 2GB packages to suit your fancy.

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