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Google’s DeepMind Detects Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Experts
When it comes to detecting certain diseases, it can be a bit of a mixed bag because humans can make errors. For example when it comes to detecting breast cancer, current methods actually have pretty high rates of false positives. While it is better to be safe than sorry, the downside is that false positives can lead to stress on the patient’s end and potentially unnecessary medical interventions.

Google’s DeepMind AI Is Capable Of Taking StarCraft 2 Grandmasters On
A lot of games come with bots to allow players to play against a computer. This lets players test out new builds or strategies or if they don’t have an internet connection to play with real players online. Now, for the most part, the AI used in bots isn’t very good. They are usually predictable and once you’ve figured out their pattern, it’s easy to beat.

DeepMind AI Will Be Able To Predict Acute Kidney Injuries 48 Hours Before It Happens
Thanks to computers being able to do thousands of calculations and processes in a short amount of time, it has made our lives a lot more efficient. This is especially true in the medical sector, where thanks to the use of AI, we have seen how it could potentially save lives as it can pick up on diseases and illness before a regular human doctor can.

DeepMind AI Dominates Against Top StarCraft 2 Pros
There is the popular saying, “Practice makes perfect”. The principle behind it is that the more you work on something, in theory you should get better at it. This principle was put to the test when Google’s DeepMind AI trained to beat some of the world’s top StarCraft 2 pros, which they successfully did by winning 10-1.


Google’s DeepMind AI Trained As A Team To Play Quake III
We have in the past seen AI take on human players in a variety of games. However for the most part these are one-on-one matches. However in recent times we’re starting to see how researchers are trying to train AI to have teamwork, such is the case with Elon Musk’s OpenAI which has recently been training to take on professional DotA 2 teams.