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Dell Streak 7 finally receives Honeycomb in the US
Great news for all Dell Streak 7 owners out there in the US – the wait for the Honeycomb update on this side of the world is finally over! The Honeycomb update was released for the European Dell Streak 7 tablets earlier this month, and not too far away from its initial release, it looks like it’s ready for the Streak 7 tablets stateside. If you haven’t received any notifications […]

Dell Streak 7 runs on Honeycomb unofficially
So you own a Dell Streak 7 and have more or less done just about anything and everything you ever wanted on it, save for taking the unofficial route where the operating system is concerned. Fret not – you can now explore the naughtier and cheekier side of you with news of an unofficial Android Honeycomb build for the Streak 7 being released.Aptly called the HoneyStreak HD7, this is made […]

Dell Streak 7 stripped down by the FCC
The Dell Streak 7 is the second Android tablet from the PC manufacturer, where it hit the market earlier this year. Of course, for the majority of us, we would have just used the Streak 7 as it is without even bothering to tinker with its innards by opening it up. Well, that is clearly not the case with the good people over at the FCC who have taken the […]

Dell Streak 7 unlocked, works on AT&T 3G and HSPA+/4G network
We know that the Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi only model is already up for pre-order for a few days already, but here is something that you might just want to look into if peering around the software innards of a particular device is your cup of tea. This unlocked Dell Streak 7 is capable of playing nice on both the AT&T 3G and HSPA+/4G network, which is pretty interesting when […]


Dell Streak 7 comes with hidden but non-working phone features?
There was always the nagging suspicion that tablet devices could come with built-in phone technology, although to talk on something so large is definitely socially awkward. Well, the Dell Streak 7 being an Android 2.2-powered tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, is actually a large smartphone device that can hook up via 3G and make phone calls, although there is no official support for phone functionality since it is […]

T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 Android tablet to cost $330?
The Dell Streak 7 Android tablet that’s arriving on T-Mobile has had its price leaked on its product page. Apparently in the small print at the bottom of the product page, it states,”$82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50, required.” This seems very much like their T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment plan used for other products such as the Galaxy Tab. There’s a possibility that the small text was a […]

Dell Streak 7 taken apart already
It doesn’t take too long for these things to happen, does it? It was just a few days ago that we were fiddling with the Dell Streak 7 at CES 2011 and now folks have decided to take it apart, showcasing this 4G tablet with its dual-core processor in a video (after the jump.) You can check out our detailed hands-on report of this upcoming tablet if you’re intrigued by […]

Dell Streak 7 Hands-On
[CES 2011] T-Mobile and Dell have announced the Streak 7, a larger Android Tablet based on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 system on a chip. We got our hands on the tablet, and we can tell you that the extra 2-inch do make a big difference in terms of perceived size (in a good way). As a percentage of size growth, 2″ out of 5″ is significant. The tablet has a clean […]

T-Mobile to launch Cliq 2 and Dell Streak 7 on Jan 19th?
Folks who are still patiently waiting for the Motorola Cliq 2 or the Dell Streak 7 (or whatever it will be called), you might want to make a tiny note for January 19th 2011 on your calendar. While it’s not official yet, whispers are going around that the 19th is the tentative date for a launch/announcement of those two devices. The Dell Streak 7 will be particularly interesting as rumors […]