Dell Streak Honeycomb update
Great news for all Dell Streak 7 owners out there in the US – the wait for the Honeycomb update on this side of the world is finally over! The Honeycomb update was released for the European Dell Streak 7 tablets earlier this month, and not too far away from its initial release, it looks like it’s ready for the Streak 7 tablets stateside. If you haven’t received any notifications about an update on your Dell Streak 7 tablet, you can head over to Menu > Settings > About > System Updates to check for it or visit the official update page from your tablet.

The Honeycomb update brings a lot of new features to the Android tablet: the Honeycomb Holographic UI, improved multi-tasking and navigation, enhanced action bar and system bar, instant access to all screens, updated email UI, improved Stage widgets, and updated preloaded apps. For those of you who have managed to install the update, how’s it treating you so far?

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