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HoverCam Document Scanner Updated At CES
[CES 2013] although the idea of scanning all your paper documents is really enticing, but the actual implementation is often more difficult than expected. I have personally tried a number of solutions, and in the end, I fell back on taking photos with a camera or a smartphone. That may not work for official documents that can be re-printed, but for receipts and business cards, it’s pretty awesome.

LulzSec releases Arizona Police documents
After given a warning and being hit by TeaMp0isoN, you would think that LulzSec would’ve ducked out of the spotlight for awhile. But it looks like LulzSec doesn’t care about warnings. Yesterday, the hacking collective published 700 confidential documents that were stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.If you’re wondering why they attacked them, LulzSec claimed it was because of Arizon’s SB1070 –a controversial anti-illegal immigration measure in the state. […]

Google Docs now has Pagination
If you’ve been using Google Docs instead of your regular word processor for awhile, you might not realize that Google Docs currently doesn’t separate your documents into pages – everything you type is in one long continuous white box. Well the folks over at Google have decided to change the way things are and have included Pagination in Google Docs. This feature introduces pages into the document – and since […]

Evernote for Windows Gets Facebook, Twitter and Notebook Sharing
Today Evernote released its latest version for Windows, now users will be able to… share! The new “Quick note sharing” allows Evernoters to share their notes with friends, families, and colleagues  through email, Facebook and Twitter. It is interesting to notice that these features were not implemented sooner, since Evernote is a Silicon Valley-based company where people cannot live or breathe without sharing it on social networking sites.For the people […]


Google Apps Downtime: Never Again
It looks like Google Apps is planning to overthrow offline solutions like Microsoft Office with their latest move – Google has just updated their contract concerning Google Apps and it looks like they will have no more downtime from here on out. Any downtime, no matter how small will be counted and applied to the customer’s agreement. Previously Google had scheduled maintenances but it was handled by transferring the work […]

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Review
Most people look at scanners as a commodity that sometimes comes for free in the form of a printer/scanner combo (like my Canon MP150), but those who do serious scanning can boost their productivity simply by using a faster scanner and better document management software. Where the limit is between casual and heavier scanning can vary a lot. In my case, I scan a lot of receipts and thousands of […]