LulzSecAfter given a warning and being hit by TeaMp0isoN, you would think that LulzSec would’ve ducked out of the spotlight for awhile. But it looks like LulzSec doesn’t care about warnings. Yesterday, the hacking collective published 700 confidential documents that were stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

If you’re wondering why they attacked them, LulzSec claimed it was because of Arizon’s SB1070 –a controversial anti-illegal immigration measure in the state. Apparently immigrant rights are pretty high on the list of things that LulzSec supports, though it makes you wonder what else they cared about since they’ve been alleged to have taken down The X-Factor (a talent competition show) and Sony (for preventing people from hacking the PlayStation 3).

While none of the documents were actually classified material, they were a mix of intelligence bulletins and presentations, some that were issued by the FBI, DHS and DEA. There were private emails, training manuals, and some “law enforcement sensitive” or “for official use only” documents. One of them even warned about “iPhone Applications Used Against Officers”, which had listed Cop Recorder (an app that can be activated in a pocket and records everything the officer is saying) as the number one threat.

LulzSec announced that they will plan to release more documents each week, with the intention of embarrassing authorities and revealing their true nature to the world. Expect more to come in the following weeks.

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