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Drive your car with your brain
If you thought driving your car with your cellphone was amazing, wait ’til you get a hold of this – some scientists from Freie Universität Berlin have figured out a way to allow people to drive cars with brain power. Yes that’s right – brain power. Called BrainDriver, this technology makes use of a brain sensor on the driver to communicate the thoughts required to drive the car. The technology […]

T-Mobile attempts to prevent road accidents
One of the most common causes of car accidents is the usage of the phone while driving. People who text and/or talk on the phone while handling the steering wheel, often find themselves in a situation they don’t want to be in, and T-Mobile has proposed a solution to this problem. They have just announced a new service that automatically disables rings and alerts and sends calls to voice mail […]

Denso Passenger Eye prevents tired drivers from crashing
It’s 3 am and you still have 3 more hours of driving ahead of you before you get home from an interstate trip with your family. Your eyelids feel heavy, and you start to doze off. Your car starts to slowly drift into the next lane and you hear the sounds of car horns blaring around you. You quickly wake up from the brief slumber and correct your car’s position. […]

Anti-Sleep Pilot Will Try to Keep You Awake on Your Drive
The Anti-Sleep Pilot is a dash-mounted gadget that will attempt to keep you attentive on the road and awake on long drives. The device will ask you to respond to questions by performing some inputs into the device to set the contraption up. In use, Anti-Sleep Pilot will track car movements to see if there are un-neccessary swerving, and give you random tests to make sure you’re staying focused on […]


Four Vans Successfully Navigate From Italy To China Without Drivers Or Maps
Driverless vehicles seem to be in vogue and now four driverless electric vans have successfully made an 8,000-mile test drive from Italy to China, arriving at the Shanghai Expo on Thursday. The vehicles were equipped with four solar-powered laser scanners and seven video cameras to detect and avoid obstacles. A computerized artificial vision system dubbed GOLD (Generic Obstacle and Lane Detector) analyzed the information from the sensors and automatically adjusted […]

Eyetracker might prevent future accidents by sleepy drivers
Falling asleep behind the wheel is not funny at all, but many of us do take things for granted whenever we head out on a long road trip, by not getting enough rest before and hoping that some Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee should be adequate to see us through to our destination. The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology decided not to play dice on the road by coming up […]

Texting and Driving Not Much More Dangerous Than Other Bad Driving Behaviours
According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety head Adrian Lund, texting and driving isn’t any more dangerous than other bad driving behaviours and that our attention to the issue may be a real distraction from the serious issues of highway safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, state bans on texting and driving did not lead to a reduction in automobile collisions and the Institute is making a […]

CARRS-Q Driving Simulator
The Center for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS-Q) certainly looks like a very high-tech and realistic driving simulator. It was developed by the folks over at the Queensland University of Technology, and is supposed to display the difference between control on road and fatal tragedy. The simulator is able to simulate driving under different conditions, allowing it to be used by researchers to study dangerous driver behavior. It sports […]

Honda Driving Simulator Gets An Upgrade
Simulators are a great way to learn dangerous things in a safe manner, such as using flight simulators instead of a real plane, as well as driving simulators, though we can’t imagine why a bicycle simulator could be that important. Honda’s updated driving simulator is aimed at traffic safety education, and hopefully with all this high tech wizardry going on, we’ll have less traffic accidents. This updated version has additional […]