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AI-Powered Secret Cameras Catch Drivers Using Mobile Phones
Using your mobile phone for anything while driving could lead to a potential accident. Hence, you should not be distracted while driving on the road.No matter how many social awareness campaigns follow, there will be some who ignore the advice and keep using their cellphones while driving.In fact, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been explaining the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving.And, we should […]

Long Island Authorities Intend To Discourage Texting And Driving Further
One might think that texting and driving is of no consequence at all, as there is always the good old “standby” of peripheral vision to see us through. However, it goes without saying that this is an extremely dangerous habit, and also one that can be rather difficult to break. In fact, authorities over in Long Island are hoping to have additional enhanced measures that will discourage people from texting […]

School Bus Driver Caught Texting While Driving
Texting while driving has been one activity a good majority of people realize is a terrible idea, and yet there are a number of us who can’t help but to take our eyes off the road for a few seconds to read and maybe respond to a text. But one thing we think we can all agree on is if you’re a school bus driver you should refrain from such […]

National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban usage of cell phones in cars
Car accidents happen on a daily basis and while it’s not always the case, more often than not, one of the drivers is using a mobile device behind the wheel. Well, it looks like the folks over at the National Transportation Safety Board wants to put an end to all that. It’s been reported that the NTSB wants to ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic […]


TeleNav Auto 2.0 introduces a new level of in-vehicle connectivity
TeleNav has just announced a new version of its automotive navigation platform – TeleNav Auto 2.0, which provides a whole new level of in-vehicle connectivity and tight integration to the phone, cloud and car. TeleNav Auto 2.0 is aimed at providing a connected driving experience by making it easy to send information from phones directly to their cars as well making that information easily available and hands-free, to users who […]

Ford Lane Keeping System detects drowsy drivers
If you’ve ever gotten sleepy behind the wheel, you would know how dangerous it can be. Well, the folks over at Ford have come up with a solution (even though the best solution is to just don’t drive when you’re sleepy) that aims to prevent sleepy drivers from getting into accidents. Called the Lane Keeping System, it continually monitors the vehicle’s lane position and will notify a driver if it […]

BlackBerry service interruption made roads safer
While businesses and people had problems communicating and doing work over the past week due to the BlackBerry outage, at least there was something good to come out of it. According to reports from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the three-day disruption in BlackBerry services helped to save lives – by making the roads safer.

Takata Corporation and TruTouch Technologies to keep drunks off the roads
Drunk drivers are one of the main causes of car accidents, and the world would definitely benefit without them around. However, right now there’s nothing to stop these irresponsible folk from getting into a car after having one too many drinks at a party. Road blocks and fines may be effective deterrents, but the police can’t possibly set up check points on every single street, every night in hopes of […]

MicroVision and mystery automaker to use advanced windshield display technology
You know how distracting GPS units can be to use and drive at the same time? Companies have been trying hard to work at a solution to the problem, but no matter how good and intuitive you make a GPS, it’s still going to be a distraction that the driver will have to take his focus off the road in order to use. Well, the folks over at MicroVision seems […]

Freescale 77GHz radar system makes it safer to drive in difficult conditions
While some of us may live in a place where it’s sunny all the time, most of us aren’t so fortunate and have to endure difficult conditions when driving; heavy rain, fog, and even animals crossing the roads in the middle of the night. While you can be the most cautious person behind the wheel, sometimes it’s just impossible to see what’s in front of your car. Well, the folks […]

Apple asked to remove police-evasion apps from App Store
Bad news for folks who use police-evasion apps on their iPhones. A group of US senators have asked apple to remove apps that help folks evade police and other law enforcement checkpoints that have been set up to catch folks driving under the influence of alcohol. According to them, 10,000s of Americans die in drunk-driving crashes every year, and apps that alert users about DUI checkpoints are harmful to public […]

20% of Americans use the internet on their phones while driving
If driving and talking on the phone or texting wasn’t bad enough, it looks like American drivers have got another danger to worry about – drivers who log on to social networks while driving. According to a survey by US insurance company, State Farm – one in five Americans that own a smartphone admits to using the internet while driving. And one of the most popular reasons these folks log […]

VRS-P1 Racing simulator equipment resembles a coffin
Even if you’re a hardcore racing game fanatic, this might be one gaming accessory you might stay away from. The VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator is a wooden box built to resemble the cockpit of an F1 car – the lack of space to move about, the scarce leg room and overall claustrophobic experience. It would have been a great idea if it wasn’t for the fact that the VRS-P1 resembles […]

Route 66 Maps + Navigation makes use of Augmented Reality
We all know how hard it is to follow another driver sometimes. Due to bad driving habits or unpredictable traffic, it’s very often that one loses sight of the other car and ends up taking the wrong turn. Well now, thanks to Route 66 Maps + Navigation, we won’t have to anymore. This GPS navigation app was launched at the Mobile World Congress and has an impressive feature that other […]

Drive your car with your brain
If you thought driving your car with your cellphone was amazing, wait ’til you get a hold of this – some scientists from Freie Universität Berlin have figured out a way to allow people to drive cars with brain power. Yes that’s right – brain power. Called BrainDriver, this technology makes use of a brain sensor on the driver to communicate the thoughts required to drive the car. The technology […]

T-Mobile attempts to prevent road accidents
One of the most common causes of car accidents is the usage of the phone while driving. People who text and/or talk on the phone while handling the steering wheel, often find themselves in a situation they don’t want to be in, and T-Mobile has proposed a solution to this problem. They have just announced a new service that automatically disables rings and alerts and sends calls to voice mail […]

Denso Passenger Eye prevents tired drivers from crashing
It’s 3 am and you still have 3 more hours of driving ahead of you before you get home from an interstate trip with your family. Your eyelids feel heavy, and you start to doze off. Your car starts to slowly drift into the next lane and you hear the sounds of car horns blaring around you. You quickly wake up from the brief slumber and correct your car’s position. […]

Anti-Sleep Pilot Will Try to Keep You Awake on Your Drive
The Anti-Sleep Pilot is a dash-mounted gadget that will attempt to keep you attentive on the road and awake on long drives. The device will ask you to respond to questions by performing some inputs into the device to set the contraption up. In use, Anti-Sleep Pilot will track car movements to see if there are un-neccessary swerving, and give you random tests to make sure you’re staying focused on […]

Four Vans Successfully Navigate From Italy To China Without Drivers Or Maps
Driverless vehicles seem to be in vogue and now four driverless electric vans have successfully made an 8,000-mile test drive from Italy to China, arriving at the Shanghai Expo on Thursday. The vehicles were equipped with four solar-powered laser scanners and seven video cameras to detect and avoid obstacles. A computerized artificial vision system dubbed GOLD (Generic Obstacle and Lane Detector) analyzed the information from the sensors and automatically adjusted […]

Eyetracker might prevent future accidents by sleepy drivers
Falling asleep behind the wheel is not funny at all, but many of us do take things for granted whenever we head out on a long road trip, by not getting enough rest before and hoping that some Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee should be adequate to see us through to our destination. The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology decided not to play dice on the road by coming up […]