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Droid DNA Hands-On!
So Verizon’s new top-end phone is out, and one thing’s for sure–this guy is a brick. It’s large enough to give the Galaxy Note II a run for its money as king of the phablet hill. What’s nice is that HTC has continued to use the soft-touch back we first saw on the 8X, which certainly gives the phone a premium feel. Also nice is the red speaker grilles on […]

HTC Droid DNA Officially Announced!
HTC has officially announced the long-rumored Droid DNA, the newest superphone to hit Verizon for the holiday season. The phablet-size Galaxy Note competitor was known as the HTC DLX (pronounced “deluxe”) and it will boast a 5″ 1080p display that we spotted at CEATEC a a little while back. The display is not only the only 1080p display on a smartphone, but at 441ppi, it has a higher pixel density […]

Verizon's HTC DROID DNA gets pictured one more time ahead of its announcement
Last week we managed to get a look at the alleged press rendering of the HTC DROID DNA thanks to @evleaks, and come tomorrow, we could finally be getting a look at the handset in all of its official glory. However in the meantime, @evleaks has posted another press rendering of the DROID DNA, showing off the handset from its front and its back. Based on what we can see, […]

HTC DROID DNA named confirmed by Verizon
So come 13th November, HTC and Verizon will be holding an event and while it was not explicitly stated, it is safe to assume that this will be where they will unveil the HTC DROID DNA, which appears to be the US variant of the HTC J Butterfly revealed in Japan not too long ago. While it remains to be seen if the specs are the name, we can at […]


HTC Droid DNA primer
It is quite obvious that the next big thing to come from HTC to the US is most probably the HTC Droid DNA, where we have seen its alleged press rendering, alongside leaked images of it – and there were two dates bandied about concerning its release date, where the first stands at December 6th after folks perused through its FCC application that was recently approved. As for the other […]

HTC Droid DNA revealed once more in alleged leaked press rendering
A few days ago the folks @evleaks managed to get their hands on what appeared to be a picture of the HTC Droid DNA, HTC’s take on the phablet or also known as the HTC J Butterfly in Japan. That being said, @evleaks is back with what appears to be the cleanest image we have of the device and what looks like a press rendering of the handset, pretty much […]

HTC and Verizon NYC Event on November 13
HTC and Verizon have sent media invites for a mysterious event in New York City on November 13. Of course, given that Verizon is involved, it would make sense if this was for the announcement of the HTC Droid DNA, also known as the HTC DLX (“deluxe”), which is 5″ Android device which would compete with the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung.  The HTC Droid DNA is currently rumored to […]

HTC Droid DNA could arrive this December 6th
It was just yesterday when we saw yet another leaked image of the HTC Droid DNA thanks to the folks over at evleaks, and this time around, we might possibly have word of a release date for the HTC Droid DNA itself. It seems that the popular date being bandied around is December 6th for the HTC Droid DNA to roll out, as folks who went through the Droid DNA’s […]

HTC Droid DNA image leaked again
It does seem as though Evleaks are getting really good at attaining leaked images of yet unreleased devices, and if my memory serves me correctly, their collection of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 with its collection of accessories before the smartphone itself was announced proved to be spot on, and they have not looked back ever since. Well, Evleaks managed to get hold of the upcoming Droid DNA […]

Follow Friday: The Best Android Superphone Leaks
If you’re reading Ubergizmo, there’s a good chance you love to know about the latest upcoming phones. A lot of the time, that information is spread through leaked photos and metadata on the internet, and @evleaks on Twitter is quickly becoming a respected player in the field. They don’t tweet often–only 47 times as of now–but when they do, it’s solid, exciting information. They were the first to leak high-quality pictures […]

Verizon HTC Droid DNA is more or less confirmed
The HTC Droid DNA which is more or less the US version of the Japan-bound HTC J Butterfly, is nudging closer towards an official arrival Stateside via Verizon Wireless. After all, it was not too long ago when we first took a peek at a leak from Verizon that pointed out the presence of the HTC Droid DNA, which is a 5” Android-powered handset that sported a cool 1080p display […]

Droid DNA could be Verizon's HTC DLX
HTC’s foray into the phablet market kicked off with the HTC J Butterfly in Japan, where we also spotted the HTC DLX just a few days ago. Well, it seems that the the HTC 6435LVW has already made its way to the Global Certification Forum, not to mention appearing on Verizon’s Minimum Advertised Price listing as the “HTC DROID DNA.” Of course, one might say that the HTC DLX (pronounced […]