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E-Books Could Be Damaging To Your Health
The more you read about the wonders of modern day technology, accompanying it would also be their corresponding dangers, making you wonder whether you would be better off increasing your life expectancy by being a Luddite. Having said that, if you happen to find e-book readers to be an indispensable part of your technological regime, then you might want to take note that you could be damaging your health each […]

Plastic Logic 100 video
Remember the Plastic Logic 100 that we mentioned earlier this morning, where said e-book reader was announced in Russia? Well, there is a full hands-on video of it floating around on YouTube, taking a good 12 minutes of your time. Everything’s in Russian, so if you do not know the language, just enjoy the dozen minutes worth of video. It has been compared to a smaller Sony e-book reader in […]

Amazon to deliver digital book library
Amazon certainly has a new tablet up their sleeves, but it is still surrounded by a shroud of secrecy. Well, the company is said to be working on a digital book library that will be not too different from that of what Netflix is offering with their e-book subscription service. I guess this bit of news would definitely make Amazon Prime subscribers happy, since that means they have an easier […]

Pandigital STAR e-book reader goes through FCC motions
The e-book world is littered with plenty of options in this day and age, which is a far cry from what consumers had to put up with a few years ago. Heck, even e-book readers now support color for a more interactive experience, and hardware manufacturers are more adventurous now to venture into this particular niche market. Well, Pandigital’s STAR e-book reader has just gone through the paces at the […]


Panasonic to launch e-book/tablet hybrid in Japan
Thanks to Panasonic, consumers in Japan will be getting an e-book reader/tablet hybrid that has been specially designed for the Japanese market in mind. The e-book/tablet hybrid will be getting its source of e-books from Rakuten, which is a leading online shopping mall operator in Japan, who in turn will be distributing e-books from booklista Co., which is a joint venture established by Sony and Toppan Printing Co.

FCC looks at PocketBook 603 e-book reader
The FCC must be a pretty fun place to work in as you get all of the unreleased devices to tear apart and peer into their innards, long before the rest of the masses see them on store shelves. The latest device to go through their hands would be a 6” e-book reader that boasts of 3G CDMA/EVDO wireless data capabilities form PocketBook, where it will feature a Wacom touchscreen […]

Sharper Image unveils Literati eReader
Those who have had their fair share of Web-based games in the past might have fond memories of Literati over at Yahoo! Games, but Sharper Image takes a different route with their eReader, also known as Literati. This MerchSource-made device will follow the Kindle’s footsteps in some ways where its design is concerned, bringing a 7-inch LCD display at 800 x 480 resolution that is decent for e-book reading, but […]

Asus to release 8-inch e-book reader this October
Asus has plans to introduce a new 8″ e-book reader that will feature a 64-grayscale TFT LCD display when October rolls around, although you won’t find any backlight accompanying this model. Despite that, it will be slapped with a $599 price point, which could be pretty pricey – but let us hope that the rest of the specifications will be able to justify its price tag. The LCD panel of […]

Nintendo DSi XL turns into ebook reader
Guess Nintendo knows that ebooks could very well be the next big thing, so why not push forward the advantage of its DSi XL’s larger display (4.2″) by offering a downloadable package of ebooks known as 100 classic books, where it will hit Wii channels this coming June 14th onwards for $20. Guess classics will never grow old, and we hope to relive the adventures of The Three Musketeers and […]

Witstech A81 doubles up as e-book reader
The Witstech A81 is pretty versatile, as you can clearly see from this video that shows it double up as an e-book reader to keep up with the times. While nowhere near as interesting as the iPad’s video demonstration, it just shows that the iPad will have some challengers in this niche gadget market, although whether they will offer serious competition is another question to answer altogether. The A81 runs […]

Sony has no plans for a color e-reader
According to Sony’s Fujio Noguchi who oversees Sony’s e-book business in the capacity as a deputy president of the Digital Reading Business Division of Sony Electronics Inc., the Japanese consumer electronics giant has no plans to introduce a color e-reader anytime soon simply because the new Reader is doing exceptionally well in terms of sales, especially in Sony’s US online store – SonyStyle. As for the Reader Touch Edition, it […]

Aigo EB6301 e-book reader
Aigo has come up with its very first e-book reader for the masses – the EB6301. What does this device entail? Well, you do get a 6″ e-ink display at 600 × 800 resolution, where it also supports a variety of e-book formats such as TXT, PDF, DOC, HTM/HTML and CHM. For photos and images, you will be able to view JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG formats. Should you […]

iRex DR 300SG ebook reader
iRex’s latest ebook reader would be the DR 300SG, where it was launched specifically for the US market. It comes with an 8.1″ touchscreen e-paper display, where you will be able to take advantage of its 3G connectivity to access its online bookstore where you have thousands of virtual tomes to choose from and purchase. Word has it the iRex DR 300SG will support the Barnes & Noble bookstore out […]