The FCC must be a pretty fun place to work in as you get all of the unreleased devices to tear apart and peer into their innards, long before the rest of the masses see them on store shelves. The latest device to go through their hands would be a 6” e-book reader that boasts of 3G CDMA/EVDO wireless data capabilities form PocketBook, where it will feature a Wacom touchscreen display that plays nice with the included stylus for note taking purposes. Apart from being an e-book reader first and foremost, it also stocks a Web browser and a news feed reader just in case you want to do some casual surfing on the go – be warned, however, that normally e-book readers don’t make good Web browsers in general due to their relatively weak hardware. There is no word on pricing or availability at press time, but it seems as though the PocketBook 603 will be arriving in the US due to CDMA and EVDO network support.

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