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Pedophile's Guide no longer available on
Remember “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct” e-book which was on sale on Well, we covered the hoo-ha that surrounded said title yesterday, and it didn’t take long for Amazon to respond as the company has pulled it from their site after thousands of users posted angry comments as well as threats to boycott the site. This self-published e-book could be downloaded until […]

Amazon Controversy with Kindle Book: The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure
Amazon has found itself in the middle of controversy by selling a Kindle digital e-book that, as its title promotes, is a guide for pedophiles. The digital ‘Pedophile’s Guide for to Love and Pleasure’ has prompted 762 1-star reviews, placing the book at number 158,221 on the Amazon’s best-selling list. Others are also considering the boycott of Amazon while a few have written to the retailer and received a note […]

New Kindle Ad Takes Jab at iPad
Amazon’s recent Kindle ad highlights the benefits of reading with e-ink technology under direct sunlight while taking aim at Apple’s iPad, which functions as both an electronic book reader and a multi-function device offering games, browsing, music listening, and entertainment capabilities. Though Amazon has been careful to give Kindle a singular focus on reading, the new ad does show that Amazon is recognizing that the Kindle and iPad may be […]

Kindle 3 Software Update Allows On-Device Amazon Account Creation
The Kindle–and by proxy the Kindle 3–should be able to create Amazon accounts on the device just by the nature of its untethered access to books on Amazon’s storefront, but that wasn’t the case prior to Kindle software version 3.0.1. With the new software update that Amazon is rolling out after a quick beta test, users who do not have Amazon accounts can create an account on their device, making […]


Nintendo DSi XL turns into ebook reader
Guess Nintendo knows that ebooks could very well be the next big thing, so why not push forward the advantage of its DSi XL’s larger display (4.2″) by offering a downloadable package of ebooks known as 100 classic books, where it will hit Wii channels this coming June 14th onwards for $20. Guess classics will never grow old, and we hope to relive the adventures of The Three Musketeers and […]

Neonode zBook ebook touchscreen platform
Neonode has announced its latest ebook touchscreen platform which is better known as zBook. This relatively low cost touchscreen interface reference design specially caters for ebook readers, and is based on the patented zForce touchscreen technology which falls under Neonode’s jurisdiction. It will target potential buyers who sell and develop ebook readers, where such hardware can then take advantage of 100% transparent touch windows, finger and stylus input capability and […]

Dulin Books to ship Boox 60
E-book readers are surely gaining momentum with Dulin Books announcing that they will be shipping their own e-book reader known as the Boox 60 in due time, where it will come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity alongside a WebKit-based browser. This browser is good enough to handle news views, blogs and other wiki sites alongside the ability to download further reading content for the reader. It comes with a 6″ […]

Creative to enter e-book market
Creative is certainly thinking outside of the box by announcing of their plans to enter the e-book market, where the first working model of that dream is known as the MediaBook which will boast a touchscreen display (what else did you expect?), text-to-speech functionality, an SD memory card slot and Creative’s very own Zii Technology to complement its Internet connectivity for a complete multimedia experience. Creative hopes that their MediaBook […]