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Google’s Phone-Centric E-Books Experiment
Google did not get to where they are today without a sense of innovation, and one of their latest experiments involves e-books that have been specially designed for the smartphone. In other words, you will not be able to find a hardcopy of these e-books anywhere at all, so don’t even bother trying in the first place. Known as Editions At Play, this is an experiment that would want to […]

Self-Destructing Book Is A Novel(ty)
So, you think you are one of the best speed readers out there? Since humans love nothing better than a good challenge of their capabilities as well as abilities, here is a little something for you to ponder over – what if there was a book which would allow you to actually beat a particular set time when it comes to reading? Speed reading, that is. Author James Patterson intends […]

E-Books Could Be Damaging To Your Health
The more you read about the wonders of modern day technology, accompanying it would also be their corresponding dangers, making you wonder whether you would be better off increasing your life expectancy by being a Luddite. Having said that, if you happen to find e-book readers to be an indispensable part of your technological regime, then you might want to take note that you could be damaging your health each […]

Amazon Kindle Matchbook Discounts E-Books For Hard Copy Owners
If you’re one of those book-reading folk who love nothing more than to play the latest classical music compilation CD while you completely immerse yourself in the latest novel by Dr. Seuss, you’ll know what a pain in the neck it has been to purchase a hard copy of a book as well as a digital version on your Kindle. Paying full retail price for the same product is a […]


Justice Dept. Vs. Apple: E-Book Pricing Wars
The Justice Department's showdown against Apple concerning e-book pricing is ready to enter the courtroom, and we look forward to a verdict soon.

Apple Fined $118K In Chinese Court Due To E-Book Copyright Violations
It looks like Apple is not the first company to get fined this week, as Google was hit with a fine by the German authorities for being guilty of Wi-Fi data snooping when their Street View cars were going around in parts of the Old World under Germany’s borders, snapping photos and in some cases, picking up unwarranted information. Well, a Chinese court this week has issued an order for […]

Apple and publishers agree to a settlement in EU's antitrust investigation
Apple and a number of other publishers had been accused of stifling healthy competition in the e-book industry. Investigations on this antitrust case had been underway by European Union and a similar case is ongoing in the U.S. In U.S., a number of publishers have already agreed to a settlement which has resulted in a trend of decline in e-book prices.And now, Apple and a number of other publishers have […]

Samsung Readers Hub 2.0 leaves Kobo service out
Two’s company, three’s a crowd – and I suppose that Samsung has figured out that the Kobo e-book service would make the Samsung Readers Hub 2.0 too crowded, hence making the decision to leave this particular service out of the final equation. It is said that the Samsung Readers Hub 2.0 is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the moment, where it will handle all the nuances of Samsung’s […]

E-book sales overtake hardcovers in the US at last
The race between e-book and traditional hardcover book sales sparked off a few years ago, and at long last, e-books have finally overtaken hardcover books in terms of sales figures – at least in the US. This bit of news is brought to us by a report which was published by the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The figures pointed towards net sales revenue from e-books which exceeded that of […]

E-book has mood-dependent endings
When you were a kid, do you remember those mood rings that were all the rage? Of course, some swear by them while others think it is nothing but a bunch of baloney, but here we are with a modern interpretation of the mood ring – albeit it comes in a totally different form, that of an e-book. It is said that the e-book “99 Reasons Why” by Caroline Smailes […]

Sony Reader Wi-Fi
In addition to its tablets, Sony is launching its new elegant Reader Wi-Fi that features a 6-inch e-ink Pearl V220 glare-free touch screen display which gives access to over 2 million titles from the Sony Reader Store. The company partnered with over 11,000 public libraries across the country to allow users to wirelessly borrow e-books from their local library.The Sony Reader Wi-Fi now offers pinch and zoom and the ability […]

Pandigital STAR e-book reader goes through FCC motions
The e-book world is littered with plenty of options in this day and age, which is a far cry from what consumers had to put up with a few years ago. Heck, even e-book readers now support color for a more interactive experience, and hardware manufacturers are more adventurous now to venture into this particular niche market. Well, Pandigital’s STAR e-book reader has just gone through the paces at the […]

Sesame Street e-book arrives
ScrollMotion has announced a new Sesame Street e-book that will arrive on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Chrome Web Store – simultaneously. This makes it the first title from Sesame Street which will hit Google Chrome, while voracious kiddie readers on the iPhone and iPad have already had nearly 12 Sesame Street e-books to date. Built using HTML5, this will be ScrollMotion’s first Chrome Web Store release, […]

Nook: ‘Biggest bestseller ever’ for B&N
Barnes & Noble has announced that the Nook has officially become their “Biggest Bestseller” – ever (B&N is a 40-year old company). B&N has announced that the Nook Color has been selling very well and is the number one selling gift of the holiday season. And of course, the sales of NOOKbooks have been tracking the hardware sales: one million have been sold on Christmas day alone – that’s what […]

Pedophile's Guide no longer available on
Remember “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct” e-book which was on sale on Well, we covered the hoo-ha that surrounded said title yesterday, and it didn’t take long for Amazon to respond as the company has pulled it from their site after thousands of users posted angry comments as well as threats to boycott the site. This self-published e-book could be downloaded until […]

Amazon Controversy with Kindle Book: The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure
Amazon has found itself in the middle of controversy by selling a Kindle digital e-book that, as its title promotes, is a guide for pedophiles. The digital ‘Pedophile’s Guide for to Love and Pleasure’ has prompted 762 1-star reviews, placing the book at number 158,221 on the Amazon’s best-selling list. Others are also considering the boycott of Amazon while a few have written to the retailer and received a note […]

New Kindle Ad Takes Jab at iPad
Amazon’s recent Kindle ad highlights the benefits of reading with e-ink technology under direct sunlight while taking aim at Apple’s iPad, which functions as both an electronic book reader and a multi-function device offering games, browsing, music listening, and entertainment capabilities. Though Amazon has been careful to give Kindle a singular focus on reading, the new ad does show that Amazon is recognizing that the Kindle and iPad may be […]

Kindle 3 Software Update Allows On-Device Amazon Account Creation
The Kindle–and by proxy the Kindle 3–should be able to create Amazon accounts on the device just by the nature of its untethered access to books on Amazon’s storefront, but that wasn’t the case prior to Kindle software version 3.0.1. With the new software update that Amazon is rolling out after a quick beta test, users who do not have Amazon accounts can create an account on their device, making […]

Nintendo DSi XL turns into ebook reader
Guess Nintendo knows that ebooks could very well be the next big thing, so why not push forward the advantage of its DSi XL’s larger display (4.2″) by offering a downloadable package of ebooks known as 100 classic books, where it will hit Wii channels this coming June 14th onwards for $20. Guess classics will never grow old, and we hope to relive the adventures of The Three Musketeers and […]

Neonode zBook ebook touchscreen platform
Neonode has announced its latest ebook touchscreen platform which is better known as zBook. This relatively low cost touchscreen interface reference design specially caters for ebook readers, and is based on the patented zForce touchscreen technology which falls under Neonode’s jurisdiction. It will target potential buyers who sell and develop ebook readers, where such hardware can then take advantage of 100% transparent touch windows, finger and stylus input capability and […]