Articles about e3 2009

The Art of Motion Control: Beyond the Hype
[E3 2009] I don’t think that anyone had envisioned a post-E3 motion controller war, but that’s what’s happening in the forums and elsewhere right now. After the cool on-stage demos from Microsoft and Sony, gamers are split on what’s “better”, Sony’s Motion Controller magic wand or Microsoft’s full body project Natal. Our first take was that Project Natal was “better, but let’s try to go beyond the hype to review how […]

PSP Go and Media Go App Store
The PSP Go was not a big surprise due to the overwhelming amount of leaks that happened over the week end. The Media Go however the big news, it is Sony’s “Itunes” that runs on a PC to sync content with the PSP, Sense Me the equivalent of Genius will display related content that users might like as well. All future PSP apps will be digitaly delivered via the Playstation […]

E3: MGS "Peace Walker" for PSP Kick Ass Preview with Hideo Kojima
Sony PSP announcements just ended with the announcement and the preview of Metal Gear Solid “Peace Walker” on the PSP! Hideo Kojima presented the game and told us that he will be overseeing the development himself and that the MGS team is working on it, it is not a franchise. Kojima said that he will use the PSP features… The game happens in the 70s’, 10 years after Metal Gear […]

PSP Go Revealed
[E3 2009] Once again, the rumors were spot on, except that we now know what the PSP Go will look like, even if the earlier concept was close. Recent leaks have appeared online in the past hour or so. The forums on or Eurogamer have featured photos of the device, set to be presented officially next week at E3 2009. So, far here are the specifications that have leaked: […]


Metal Gear 'Next' Coming to E3 - Viral Teasers & Official site
Konami has started to seriously generate buzz around what seems to be an upcoming Metal Gear title. From the material that’s out there, it looks like we’re back in the cold-war era, which is the timeframe for MGS3: Snake Eater. The viral videos are rather cryptic, showing an Orange ‘Ocelot’ Soda… but what’s important is that a new MGS title seems underway. You can visit the official site where there’s much […]

PS3 Hardware Update at E3?
The rumor of the day comes from Playstation LifeStyle that “caught word” that Sony “is set to not only reveal the PSP Go at E3, but another hardware redesign will be debuted as well”. This could be a new color variant of the PS3 designed to go with this white PS3 controller that we’ve seen recently. Or maybe it’s a completely new PS3 design that is slimmer and sexier, thanks […]

PS3 Motion Sensing Controller To Debut at E3? (Rumor)
Not actual photo of the deviceThis is potentially very hot: Sony is said to be launching a motion sensing controller at E3, a device that would effectively open the floodgates of Wii-like games. When combined with the PS3’s superior graphics power, this is a combination that could inflict some serious damage on the Wii in the long term.Sony Motion Sensing controller is said to be more accurate than the Wii […]