Metal Gear 'Next' Coming to E3 - Video & Official site

Konami has started to seriously generate buzz around what seems to be an upcoming Metal Gear title. From the material that’s out there, it looks like we’re back in the cold-war era, which is the timeframe for MGS3: Snake Eater. The viral videos are rather cryptic, showing an Orange ‘Ocelot’ Soda… but what’s important is that a new MGS title seems underway.

You can visit the official sitewhere there’s much of nothing(except a countdown) – in the meantime, we wonder if this MGS will be a PS3 exclusive or not (we bet it is). Videos after the jump.

Update: This image pretty much confirms that confirm that it is PS3-only
I was flat-out wrong on that one as Sunny mentioned down there.
MGS is coming to Xbox 360 as well.Courtesy of PS Lifestyle/em>

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